12 April 2010

snapshots on skis

dan headed out to grand targhee for a spring ski day this weekend. i sent the camera with him to get a glimpse of what he sees from way up there. here are a few favorites from the upload.

dan's favorite mountain range, the tetons. also seen here.

tiny people on top of a huge hill.

a view from the top.

dan's dream car.

the crowds gather for the annual cardboard box derby.

homemade sleds hit the slopes for steep competition. dan cheered for the etsy.com sled on my behalf. supposedly this poor sled stopped mid-slope. still, the design concept and green tutu get stylish points from me.

my bearded man (who, as it happens, is no longer bearded) kisses the season goodbye.


jularun7 said...

man, those are some gorgeous mountains! glad he got some skiing in and that he took the camera!! :)

Hil said...

great photos Dan! those are my favorite mountains.

Christie said...

What beautiful mountains. I still miss them.

My sweet peas had a lot of fun chatting with you yesterday! Thanks for being such a cute auntie!

[eeny] said...

Really beautiful mountains. Great shots, Dan.

Elizabeth said...

What kind of car is that?

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