10 May 2010

a stretched out long goodbye.

am off on spring break. i'm headed to california with my boys, my in-laws, a dress for a fancy wedding, a satchel of airplane surprises (including a mini metal slinky which i hope gets through security), some sandals and sunscreen. we are headed west to the sandy beaches and blue waves, to fish tacos and corner donut shops, to meeting up with ol' friends and some serious family bonding. am feeling plum lucky to have a chance to get away for awhile and do nothing but play. i am dying to see the documentary babies and dan is crossing his fingers for iron man. and yes, the san diego zoo is on the itinerary too. being me, it's all typed up and in a folder next to the wedding invite and our plane tickets and rental car receipt. am planning to loosely follow our to-do list and eat at all the places we still talk about. no, i am not one to weigh myself before and after vacations. or any other time for that matter.

i will be back with photographs galore and likely more freckles on my face. and will also come back to regularly blogging (whatever that means) now that the giveaways have successfully ended. it's always bitter sweet, because so many of you come out of the woodwork to say hello when giveaways go live and then when i go back to discussing random daily thoughts, most of you disappear from the comment section and my ego shrinks and i feel like i'm musing to myself again. which isn't so bad, i suppose. anyway, thanks for being you and thanks for reading. don't feel obligated to comment now that i said that. this is a no-obligation blog. which is why i'm taking off for a week without a pang of guilt.

please note. with one exception, the mini mart shop is closed for spring break. i still have stuff in stock so you can still buy something. but please be aware, if you place an order, your package will not go out until june 5th. which might be a fun, long lost surprise in the mail for your future self. however, if you want immediate action and a bit of reading material, brush up on the topic of blogging + business. you can still buy the workbook now (it being the one exception). the workbook will instantly download to your computer after your purchase. due to popular demand, it's always available. pretty awesome. okay, i think that covers it.

take a dip into my card catalogue if you miss me.
here is a neat and tidy list of some favorite posts.

vintage image of me at the getty museum circa 2005.
when i was tan and wore pigtail knots every saturday.

p.s. if you're still paying attention, i have a bonus post scheduled for tomorrow. it's a tutorial written especially for those of you still addicted to your bloglines reader. am going to attempt to sway you with four simple steps.


Diane said...

Have a fabulous trip. Of course, if you have time to squeeze in one extra meal - don't miss Tito's tacos. The best tacos ever.

Eeny said...

Sounds like it is going to be a fun filled trip. Looking forward to hear about it when you will be back.
Have a wonderful spring break.

Lexy said...

Sounds like it's gonna be a fabulously relaxing and delicious vacation. Can I go? Hehehe! ENJOY! I look forward to your regularly blogging when you return. :)

Lexy of Beautylicious Fashionista

Jeanette said...

Your trip sounds wonderful. I just returned from my own. Was gone for 8 days and am having trouble getting back into the swing of it all. My struggle is always to not follow a strict schedule on vacations (I carry the same folder). Let go and have a blast - can't wait to hear all about it.

Anne. said...

I love traveling (though I haven't had a chance to in recent years). Hope you and your family have a fantabulous time in sunny California! Can't wait to see pictures when you're back. :]

mandiegirl said...

Have a great time! :)

nicole said...

welcome to cali...enjoy your stay!

{amy k.} said...

ohhh sandy beaches sound amazing. take lots of pictures! Be safe and have fun!

Stephanie Anne said...

Have SO much fun at the San Diego Zoo! My boyfriend and I just adore the panda bears and always go to say hello to them when we are in San Diego visiting his Mama:)

::Sylvia:: said...

Have a lovely trip Marta! Hope you had a great Mother's Day too! Looking forward to some CA pics :)

jen byard said...

Have fun in my town Marta! Email me if you want any local restaurant or fun spot tips :)

Summers Family said...

yeah, my neck of the world :-) We are in Long Beach. Hope your vacation is wonderful.


Cat said...

I will miss you! Have a great time!
Take care and be safe.

* Dream Weaver * said...

Have a wonderful time @ the beach :) I wish I could head of to the beaches, the zoo, the donut shops and the sunshine with a book and camera in hand.

Can't wait for the pics :)
Toodles Poodles

hOoPty dOoPty said...

Have a safe journey and a fabulous time, as I know you will as you will be with family and friends.

My heart skipped a beat at "fish tacos and corner donut shops". It's amazing that simple words can conjure up beautifully, perfect images of what you know to be true. I connected with those words immediately.

I love Australia but I miss California in so many ways and it makes me happy you are off to enjoy some of the things you really love about it too.

I couldn't help but notice that the first comment mentioned "Titos". Seriously, a must try and I can't even think about how to explain them except low-fat and healthy would not be words used in their description. Titostacos.com It's north of LAX, not that far in Culver City. Oh fond memories.

Have fun!


Johanna said...

oh marta! have a fabulous vacation. ca't wait to hear all about it.

talesofahummingbird said...

happy travels....many wonderful memories will be captured forever for your family on this journey to vacationland. enjoy!

shopgirl said...

Oh, I love this post! It's so sweet and lovely. And no, Marta, I do not read your posts for giveaways. I read your posts because they are interesting, heartfelt, sweet and genuine. Giveaways are a bonus, but they can only help a blog so far. Yours is truly inspiring.

Have a great holiday!


Amy said...

Have fun in CA! I live in Northern CA, but lived in SoCal for 5 glorious years! :-) I have never commented, but love your blog!!! I made the mini-clipboards for MOther's Day gifts and they were a huge hit! Especially when my mom, MIL, and Nana found out I made them! Thanks for helping me make such a great gift!
Amy in CA

summer said...

this photo is my fave.

off to pick out an old favorite from the archives to read.

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