03 June 2010

am a fan.

am a huge fan of quotable cards. like the one pictured above.

am a fan of these safari jammies for benj. love that he's in two piece jammies now. and yes, thankfully he's back to his old self again. thanks for the well wishes. he is in such a sweet stage these days, those hopeful happy eyes just melt me.

am a fan of getting our coat closet all summer-ized. winter coats are gone. sunscreen, sun hats, baby sandals and wipes all tucked in a tote, ready for sunshine.

am a fan of clearing out the email inbox. am gearing up for the re-opening of the mini mart.

am a fan of noticing the things i might snapshot if i owned a working camera; benji opening the dishwasher and unloading the clean utensils onto the floor. the big juicy blueberries i splurged on at the grocery store. the clouds ruffling over the sky. the cornbread i made especially for dan. my new shoes. the way benji turns his little palm up to the sky as if to say, i don't know or where'd it go?

am a fan of scheming up plans for the blog. stay tuned, i have an interesting idea brewing.

am a fan of baseball and picnics at the park on memorial day and horseback riding too. man, we made some happy memories last weekend. can't wait to share belated photos.

am a fan of pretty parties like caroline's where the wild things are party or this yellow celebration.

am a fan of readers who buoy me up and tell me that i'm enough. you guys are the b.e.s.t.

am a fan of flipping the calendar page and seeing what's in store.

am a fan of granola + blueberries + milk. and a clean spoon off the floor.

am a fan of cake. am dreaming of this rainbow cake or perhaps a chocolate zucchini loaf cake. and while we're on the subject of divine food groups..

am a fan of homemade pizzas. i used to dream of knowing how to make homemade pizza. really, truly. i wondered why i was the only one on the planet not whipping up pizza pies for my family on a weekly basis. oh how i wanted to become a mom who made cute mini pizzas. it seemed beyond my reach. way too difficult for this mom. i barely conquered bread for heavens sake. i still scare easily when the words allow to rise are mentioned in a recipe. for valentine's, summer emailed me her incredible pizza dough recipe and made my pepperoni dreams into realtiy. much to dan's delight, i've been making pizzas every other friday since then. the recipe makes two perfect 9" pizzas; i do one bbq chicken and one pepperoni (my side with olives). we split them and enjoy them with root beer and a movie and save slices for saturday's lunch. it is my new favorite date night traditsch.

am a fan of way too many darling invitations to mention. but i must say, this artsy invitation by betsy dunlap & co. is a beauty.

am a fan of attempting pretty paper pom poms. we had our last activity day event for our girls and made pom poms for their rooms. mine did not turn out as pretty as i'd hoped and i'm determined to make more. however the girls loved flying them as kites on that blustery afternoon.

am a fan of this cute hopscotch diy kit. cutest summer penpal idea ever.


Erin said...

Am a fan of all these things too. AND I'm a fan of YOU. I love your blog, Marta!

Eeny said...

I am a fan of your "am a fan" posts and I am a fan of you. Great post as usual, Marta.
Have a wonderful weekend.

jen byard said...

I was just thinking about summer jammies for my boys. Thanks for sharing the old navy ones! Heading over there right now...

Erin - Kynera's Jewels said...

I just started reading your blog and I have to say I am following it... seriously hanging on your every word. You have a lively voice to your writing that keeps me rushing to your next sentence. The 'am a fan of' list is adorable and if I can dare to repeat the above posters' sentiments; I'm a fan of you!

summer said...

i just loved this, of course. you know how sold i am on your lists. i like the life details you sneak in alongside your cool finds. like that hopscotch kit. so incredibly brilliant!

and i must thank you for the twofold link love, marta! i was so excited. and now i like to picture you making pizza pies on friday nights-- a girl after my own heart.

Hil said...

fun list Marta! thanks for sharing. let's hope you didn't pack those winter coats up too soon... you never know around here. :)

That Crazy Family said...

Such a fan of your blog!!

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I am equally a fan of your blog and pom poms!

Katie @ makingthishome.com said...

I always like these "am a fan" posts. And I so agree with many of the other commenters lately - I really like your blog how it is. Being very theme-specific can get draining for readers. But when the theme is "life", well I like that!

Kat said...

I'm a fan of many of these things, including homemade pizza. I don't think I will ever purchase another frozen pizza as long as I live! I'm a fan of you too!

Wendy said...

We have homemade pizza every other Friday night, too. it's a great tradition!

Travelin'Oma said...

Your quote card is the perfect message!

shopgirl said...

Fantastic quotable card...it reminds me of a quote I read somewhere long ago. I'm going to have to borrow this quote sometime in the future....:-))

Cheers! And great list!

Sassy Sarah said...

I love quotable cards too! They make me so happy I post them on my bulletin board.

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