14 June 2010

dear diary.

it's finally starting to feel like summer. the weekend was dreamy. relaxed and pretty productive too. a very unplugged type of weekend. my little boy got his haircut and a happy meal. i wish i had a photo to show benji with his proud new army cut. (lately when a truly great snapshot moment comes about, i start singing, if i had a camera... in the same tune as trini lopez's if i had a hammer.. i'm happy to say, the new camera hunt has been narrowed down and i'm closing in on the big purchase. there will be no shortage of photos from my summer vacation.) oh.. i painted on some new pinky nail polish and drove to rexburg for the seasonal trip to my favorite craft store, porter's.

speaking of which, i came home with a boatload of pretty papers for projects; one. something crafty for my dad for father's day and two. the upcoming collection of mini diaries. thanks to so many of you who've requested more! i have an idea in mind for customers who have told me they're giving them to their children or nieces and nephews. i will be creating a new batch of mini diaries with little ones in mind; the covers will feature youthful designs. of course–if you're like me–fluffy owls, tiny hearts & paper dolls are still age appropriate. i hope to create a large assortment, so everyone finds something they like.

saturday night, dan served root beer floats for our readathon. in frosty mugs. he's pretty cute. i am only one hundred pages away from finishing the help. which i love. am savoring every last page of these people. i am so happy to have a book that i like enough to pull me away from the tv and the computer. one that keeps the light on a little longer at nights. when i begin dreaming of my fan mail to the author, i know it's a keeper.

this morning i made applesauce oatmeal muffins in honor of my grandma june. whenever i scoop a teaspoon of cinnamon into a bowl, i think of my grandma. i usually shake a little more in for good luck. she was cinnamon and spice and everything nice. if she were here, we'd be celebrating her 85th birthday today. she passed away when i was only fifteen and i think of her so much still. i wish she could've met dan, i know she would have laughed at his jokes. i wish she were around to talk to about pregnancy and motherhood, i know her wisdom would give me comfort. i wish she was still playing tennis and tending to her flowers and hosting thanksgiving, i'd send her thank you notes. still, all that grandmotherly love and friendship in my fifteen years was enough for me to hold her up on a pedestal and give her a special room in my heart forevermore.

happy flag day.

picnic images via tumblr.
p.s. i'm catching up on formspring. shoot me a question if you have one.


Diane said...

I loved The Help. One of the best books I read this year.

Anna Kristina said...

I read The Help a couple months ago for a book club. One of the best books I've read in recent memory! For our club meeting, we ate Southern-style, and included a caramel cake. SO GOOD!

Amy said...

I loved, loved, loved Porter's when I lived in the burg even though I had no income at the time.

And enjoyed The Help as well, just read it last month, and I'll be going to my first book club in this new town of mine to discuss it tomorrow.

And thanks so much for responding to my email. Very kind of you.

summer said...

rootbeer floats and books and muffins! what a wonderful world.

happy day, mart!

Lindsey said...

love the picnic pictures. I just finished "the Help" about a week ago, and I loved it!

Travelin'Oma said...

You make everything sweeter and spicier.

AmberLee said...

rootbeer floats and a readathon sounds like heaven.

i have recently started the practice of writing fanmail, and am much more fond of it than I ever expected to be.

sounds like your little one will get to know grandma June through you. the muffins sound mmmm good.

am totally trying not to be jealous of the CBC. sounds like it was great.

swell.life said...

Aw, I'm sure Benji is looking mighty handsome. Hoping a shiny new camera lands in your hands soon soon soon! In the mean time, am loving your tumblr photos.

Rambleswithreese said...

Lovely dear diary post Marta! I loved THE HELP too. It has been a while since I read a book that was so engaging.

Hil said...

You live a charmed life my friend. :) I still have yet to read The Help. It's been unavailable at the library for weeks now... I may just go buy it after your review!

Can't wait to see what camera you get!

Sarah said...

I always have moments of, "If I had a camera..." I guess it's like my friend's mother told me of journaling - "It is better to live life than document it."
Oh, I am totally planning a read-athon for our date night this week!

Elise said...

You've sparked my curiosity on that book, I just might have to go check it out. I'm always looking for a great book. I LOVED going to Porters, I miss going there--good times. I think I need to make a trip up there, just for old times sake.

ALFIE said...

marta---i feel exactly the same about the help. i read through the book so quickly--i was devastated to see it coming to an end. i let the last chapters drag on for about a week.
i laughed out loud at your comment on "fan mail" to the author. i literally wrote myself a reminder note to "e-mail kathryn stockett". the book moved me so deeply i just felt like i wanted to express my gratitude to her.

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