23 June 2010


so i attempted this hairstyle for church on sunday. i only twirled up the top section of my hair, leaving the rest down. i threw a flower clip in the mix too. it was a fun change and took hardly any work whatsoever. via real simple. it took me back to high school when i loved to twirl my hair in little knots on a weekly basis.

b and me had benji and mama's day of fun today. (remember janice and joey's day of fun on friends?) it was sunny and beautiful which was a good excuse to hit the park, the zoo, visit papa and a new-to-us bakery downtown. then a long afternoon nap. it was dreamy.

i am trying out google chrome these days and am really liking it. another thing i really liked is hil's five minute jello. i doubt i'll ever make jello the real way again. if you are making jello the old way and waiting 10 hours for it to set up, you must give this a try. it's completely delicious. i feel like i could be sitting on my grandma's barstool while eating it up, like an old-fashioned delight. your kids will love it. be forewarned, hold the blender lid on real tight. we had a bit of a frothy cherry volcano.

we must have a cricket living right outside our window. i cannot see him, but i hear him all day and all night long. i feel like i live on walden pond.

weekend visitors are coming to stay, i can hardly wait. it has been a most compelling motivation to review my recipes, wipe out the fridge, and get the house all ship shape. dan always wonders aloud if our visitors will really inspect the microwave, but i just love a good excuse to get the house in order. am in the process of framing new photos and re-vamping the bookshelves. therefore right now the house is a disaster.

walmart photo lab is having a sale on 4x6 prints when ordered online. they are only 10 cents each. which is 3 cents less than costco, if you're counting. am trying to update the family photo album before benji turns two.

for those of you who inquired about my ribbon collection, i keep it stashed away in a large bottom drawer. get a peek of my office space right here. the ribbon situation is not as organized or color-coded as i would like, but it does the job. i talked about where i purchase ribbon right here. and if you live near an xpedx paper supply store, they sell perfect cellophane bags in a huge assortment of sizes. that place is what dreams are made of.

tune in tomorrow for a chance to win something super cute.


Travelin'Oma said...

You and Benji should have a reality show. I can just picture him dropping in the ice cubes before the cherry volcano!

Hil said...

Loved the hair on Sunday! It was seriously too cute.

So glad the weather was finally nice enough for you and Benji boy to have a fun day around town. (seriously jealous of the brownies..)

Also glad you are enjoying the jello, it's our favorite!

Marisa said...

I did that hairstyle for a wedding in hot, humid St. Thomas. It worked SO well! I loved it, and it kept my long curly hair under control, even with the humidity.

(Love the Friends reference, by the way! I miss that show.)

sunny said...

I saw this hairstyle in a magazine or somewhere and wondered how it worked. glad to hear it worked for you!

glad too that you like Chrome! I've been using it exclusively for a long time now, and it fills in forms for me, I love love LOVE the extensions that are available and I'm so not tech savvy - but I figured out extensions.

(I use picnic, RSS subscription extension (an icon in the web address box that lets you subscribe instantly at a website))

Kari said...

Would love to see a picture of your version of the hair. My hair is a little longer than yours, I think (by pictures here, only--I'm not stalking you, promise) but I don't see how I could ever get mine to do that.

Monika said...

I think I'll try the hair on my two little girls. AND...my husband works for xpedx {Graphics Sales Specialist} and I used his employee discount just the other {date} night. I loved it in there. I forgot to check out the cello bags, though. Better go back!

BTW-My Mom is German so the kids call her Oma, too!

jessica said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE xpedex! You're right, that place is what dreams are made of. PS thanks for the tip on the print sale. I am famous for empty albums.

Diane said...

1. I've used Google Chrome since it came out. I love it - once in a great while something doesn't work on it, or a form won't show up. Then I have to head to another browser. It happens less and less as people are making things compatible with Chrome more now.

2. I love company and having a party, because it is almost the only excuse for cleaning in my book! Too many other fun things to do.

3. Love xpedx. So great for wrapping paper as well as all the other delectable items in the store.

lindsalita said...

funny that when I read your 'day of fun' I did it in Janice's nasaly voice before I read the rest. ah, friends it is truly missed.

Chelsey said...

I saw this in the magazine and it didn't work for me. I can make anyone else's hair look good but not my own!

Kim said...

saw this in real simple last night and trying it today! great minds think alike :)

Amanda said...

Thanks for the ribbon info, Marta! I've got it bookmarked waiting for the holidays.

Design Fixation said...

Love that hairstyle, I've been looking for some new ideas lately. This version looks like it would be great on a hot summer day.

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