17 June 2010

giveaway: nancy jo studio

today's giveaway is from nancy jo studio, a shop full of handsewn handmades. i simply love a clutch or wallet that adds a little punch to the day's ensemble. a pretty pouch like hers is sure to collect compliments with every purchase from here on out. here's to adding a touch of cuteness at the cash register!

giving :: one sweet wallet pouch with wrist strap or key chain. (the winner can choose any color combo they want; stripes or solid. of course, any design in the shop can be made into a wallet size.)

please comment today to enter to win. good luck!
tell me three (materialistic) things you cannot live without.
you only have until midnight, this post will be updated with the winner.

a bit of a bio :: I currently live in Indianapolis after a few years of moving around. I am trained only in the literary arts, and have my undergrad English degree from Loyola and a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from a small little school in Boulder, CO, called Naropa. Right now I also work as a waitress and a book editor. I started sewing a few years ago, during my last year at grad school. My favorite color is turquoise and I am soothed by tasks that others may find tedious, such as cutting out flower petals and sewing them on one at a time, hand beading, etc. I am mostly inspired by color and love bright and cheerful things, as well as sparkly things like crystals and rhinestones which I am gradually adding to my items. Aside from sewing I love to read, write, run, watch bad reality tv, and cook (and eat).

I also enjoy creating custom items for my customers. I make baby quilts by custom order, and I love to hear people's wedding colors and inspirations in order to make a special line of bags just for their bridesmaids. I think clutches to use on the wedding day or little custom makeup bags make really good bridesmaids gifts.

congratulations to... cleverly content who commented, can't cope without: mascara, sunglasses and dr. pepper.

thank you nancy for sharing these patchwork pretties!
please visit her shop + blog.


Jessica said...

these are sooo cute! Thanks for the chance to win.
My 3 are:
--my wedding band
--my camera
--my favorite pen

polly said...

very cute.
my three things are-
hair products
my pillow
my computer

Lena said...

oooh, love.

For me it is my wedding band, my iPhone (bad I know, but it is SO useful all day long) and good lipstick/lipgloss. I must have something on everyday.

Happy Father's Day!
-- lena

Book Worm said...

Hmmm, My Laura Mercier concealer, my camera, and my padded bra. ;)

Ellie said...

Well Wow...lets see..

-Paper Cutter
-My Stamps

I'm a stamper/scrapbooker and REALLY would be in a corner curled up w/out these things daily! :)

chris said...

Three things I can't live without...my sewing machine, my dishwasher, and my music collection.

Lori said...

orange juice
my watch (is that sad or what)

Anonymous said...

cute :)

i could not live without my laptop, burts bees honey chapstick or my camera :)

Molly said...

such cute things! I can't live without my computer, my hair straightener, and my fav lipgloss. :)

janice f said...

Can't do without ~
my droid

Alexandra Rae said...

This is so cool!

I couldn't live without my SLR or my Sharpie pen!

Jessica said...

1. My pillow (I can sleep on anything as long as I have the right pillow, and without it, even the most comfortable bed keeps me awake)
2. Coffee and Tea (I love dessert by my favorite thing is a good beverage)
3. A good novel (I'm in the middle of Shirley by Charlotte Bronte now. My favorite author!)

Anna Kristina said...

my mac, my camera, and earrings!

Sada said...

Love these!

I can't live without, my mac, lip gloss, and dr.pepper!!

Lisa said...

1. My stuffed toy rabbit, named "bunny". My mother gave her to me when I was 3 (I'm now 28), and she still has a place on my bed.

2. under-eye cover-up. I'm a teacher, so often work looooong hours, and need to hide how tired I am!

3. classic black heels. They go with anything.

hood said...

- my camera
- sammy, the seal toy I received 20+ years ago
and, old photos of my family & friends

Christie said...

I absolutely cannot live without my ipod, my camera, and pretty shoes.

Hil said...

my camera
my endless supply of cookie dough
my chapstick

Jill said...

oooh, fun! okay, let's see...three things:


Dawn said...

i so desperately need a new keychain.

cant live without:
hypoallergenic lotion
and my macbook

jenlb said...


- comfy jeans
- sunglasses
- mascara

(i'm a fair-skinnned, freckled, redhead. sunglasses and mascara are essential.)

Crystal said...

Can't live without:
1. a good book
2. my iPhone
3. Starbuck shaken iced tea lemonade

kristi said...

coke zero
hand lotion
hair mousse

Unknown said...

Well, I'm not sure that I CAN'T live without them, but I sure don't want to try ;) :

I love my iPhone,
my sewing machine, & fabric. ;)

sunny said...

pretty giveaway!

hmmm..I couldn't live without lip balm + my computer + a book to read.

Hannah said...

adorable clutches!

I can't live with out:
::my phone (for keeping in touch with my parents across the ocean.)

::my camera (for documenting life with cute kids)

::my planner (for satisfying my OCD & over-planning tendencies.)

Alyssa said...

Love those!!

I've gotta have my cell phone, laptop, and a good book.

Anonymous said...

My Laptop, My homeschool planner, my cell phone.

vintagemorning {AT} gmail {DOT} com

steph-a-ronie said...




mary plus vince said...

three things i absolutely cannot live without, in no particular order are: my camera, chapstick, and journals.

jenn (+ will) said...

fun giveaway!
my 3 things are....mascara, a good pair of jeans, and my imac.

Courtney B said...

-my camera
-my computer
-my music

Gibbles N Bit said...

I can't live with out....
- my husband's mac, w/ adobe creative suite
- recipe books
- my camera

cleverly content said...

can't cope without:

dr. pepper

Anneliese said...

the first thing that came to mind was mascara (which seems to be pretty vital to all women!), body lotion, iced coffee.

Amanda said...

Let's see:

My camera
My mascara
My Diet Coke

Julia said...

the Internet
my sweater and cardigan collection.


Rachel said...

My Chacos
Diet Coke w/ Lime
I just gotta have these three things, and I could survive anything :)

dayzeecloud said...

What a great shop!

my iPhone

Andrea said...

Those are so great! I would love to win one. It is hard to think of the three things I can't live without...

1. pacifier (for the baby)
2. crayons (for the 4 year old)
3. Bible (for me)

All in my purse of course. ;)

Barb said...

Fun giveaway!

Lately, I'm loving my:

-Burt's Bees Lip Balm

ellen said...

kitchen aid mixer
sewing machine

Sandy a la Mode said...

ohh what a great giveaway!!

three things i can't live without:
- camera
- palm pre
- MAC midi muave lipstick

thanks for the chance to win!

shirley elizabeth said...

This is rough...because there are things I'd choose to keep over things I couldn't live without. Let's go with:

Bread (any shape, size, texture...LOVE bread)

Anonymous said...

Cute clutches!

My three things are:

coffee in the am
my camera
mascara to help me look alive! :)

Tanya said...

Love her patchwork flowers! Three things I can't live w/out ...

Vanicream Lotion
My beloved Rocketeer sewing machine
Heeltastic foot cream

Anonymous said...

1: My LG Netbook
2: My coffee maker
3: My camera

Janna McCalley said...

Wow, so cute!
a)wedding ring-feel naked w/o it
b)my brand new Nikon that I'm in love with
c)My trusty chevy truck :)

Yeissen said...

OK... I'm gonna limit this to just crafting materials other wise I'd be here ALL day trying to prioritize!

2. Glue
3. Martha Stewart punches!

I LOVE making little glittered embellishments that look soooo cute on just about anything!!

Caity said...

facial moisturizer
and lately...chocolate milk

Sarah said...

Super cute.
I can't live without:
- mascara (without my eyelashes are see-through)
- camera
- cell phone (see hannah's comment)

debby said...

my computer, my camera, and flirty summer skirts.

Lisa said...

I can't live without the shower, summer sandals, and the internet.

Moments and Impressions said...

I need my computer, the internet and my expresso from the coffee shop down the street...

LRH said...

I couldn't live without my camera, pretty paper, and my phone.

Elzi said...

three things:

my computer
my stove
my bike (I live in the Netherlands)

all the best,


Kelly said...

my Kindle,
my iPhone,
my favorite pen

Cindy said...

Three things: 1st child, 2nd child and 3rd child (that's all I have!)

Anne. said...

Amazing giveaway! My three items of choice: my Blackberry, iPod and DSLR.

summer said...

1. itunes
2. peanut butter
3. our toaster

erin said...

i have to have...
my journal
a good book
and starbucks lattes.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful giveaway!

My must-haves...
my wedding ring
a toaster oven

Michelle said...

I couldn't agree with you more - love a bag that packs a punch to any outfit! These handmade bags are PRECIOUS; i'd love to have one :)
I would have a really hard time living without:
- my silver mesh ring
- eyelash curler
- my blackberry

whitney said...

can't live without:

bosch mixer - i use mine like 3 times a day
loreal volumnous mascara

Sassy said...

Three Got-to-Have items for me:

1. Mascara (without it my first hubbie said i looked sick all the time)

2. Kathy Van Zeeland purses - they are the bomb!

3. My Computer and computer access - I have being gone for the day, weekend, even just a few hours without internet access. i guess i think i will miss something really big!

Beautiful items! I wish i could sew!

Sandra said...

Super cute bags!

1. A pair of Chacos
2. Starbucks coffee
3. A good book

my cup-a-joe! said...

Super Cute Giveaway!!!

3 things: nutella, ballet flats & eye-concealer!

Rae said...

So lovely!

1. arnold palmers
2. muji chapstick
3. raybans

Karen said...

Oh my gosh, those are fabulous! I adore them!

Three things I cannot live without:
* phone
* coffee
* over-sized sunglasses


Diane said...

1. Sewing Machine
2. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (I own 9 copies--just in case)
3. Computer

(Twenty years ago the first two would have been the same - no idea then what a computer would bring into my life.)

Emily Marie said...

1. My Cell
2. Mascara
3. My Car

Hanna said...

Laptop, razor, and good food.

Unknown said...

so cute and fun!
i cannot live without my chapstick, bobby pins or my toothbrush.

Unknown said...

Wow, the black stripes with the pink flowers is a show stopper!

1. Internet so I can stay in touch.
2. Art pieces from my best friend.
3. Photographs documenting my cats as kittens.

sarah r. said...

great giveaway! three materialistic things i can't live without:

1, my macbook
2, my yoga mat
3, bobby pins

random but true list.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awesome give away! My 3 things are:

Awesome fabric
My laptop
A great notebook to write in.

I definately could live without my cell phone! Oh, to go back to the days of a landline!

lacey said...

3 things i now need...

+ spf chapstick
+ Starbucks espresso roast
+ cute & happy to my feet shoes

and this giveaway, i hope:)

Angela Quisumbing said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angela Quisumbing said...

three things i can't live without...
1. sunglasses
2. my camera
3. my blackberry

A'n'G Johnson said...

My mac
My camera
My paints.

Alan and Kimberly said...

Very cute! Here are my three...

1. My husband and kids
2. The iphone
3. Hot chocolate

Kim said...

-- engagement ring
-- i phone
-- lipgloss

very cute giveaway!

Unknown said...

So fun and Cute!

3 things
1. Laptop
2. Wedding Ring
3. Drivers License. To prove I really am 21 not 16

Anonymous said...

These are so cute. I love your blog. It is very inspiring.
My 3 things would be:
1. Camera
2. My pictures
3. My blanket (I know I am 28 but I still have a favorite blanket).

Thanks for the chance to win.


Leah said...

My 3 things are:
-- my ipod touch
-- my running clothes
-- my garmin

beyond said...

-the internet
-good books
-comfortable shoes

Laura said...

nursing tanks.
contact lenses.
hair ties.

Od1l3 said...

My three are:
My cell phone
A good book
My favorite skirt

Cambria said...

My wedding ring, my hair straightner, & my diet coke! :) These bags are adorable!!!

Jane Baker said...

*my morning coffee
*the photos of my loved ones around me
*my wedding band

mandy said...

very cute stuff!
i totally can't live without - my morning cup of coffee, my ipod touch, and my pillow.
thanks for the giveaway!

Rebecca said...

I can't live without my wedding bands, a ice cole Coke in the morning and my blankee from when I was a wee babe.

rbalderas at nc dot rr dot com

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