20 June 2010

happy father's day, opa

happy father's day, dad. the man who has always been my north star. the man who gave me my name, the first of many treasured gifts. a dad who remembers the details, writes histories for a living, travels the world collecting stories and stamps, coins and rare books and often visiting the grands who refer to him as opa. he loves repairing worn leather books, collecting artifacts and re-telling their histories, eating cashews and craisins, hosting bubblegum contests with the kids and settling in for a good detective movie. he is the first in line at the farmer's market and a regular at his favorite cafe. the little ones love to find the old fashioned top and make opa spin it on the kitchen floor, again and again and again. and of course, he happily obliges.

I'm crazy about him. I model myself after Father,
and there's no one in the world I love more.
- Anne Frank

photographs by my talented shutterbug sister-in-law, christie.

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