09 June 2010

over the moon.

the mini diaries went like mad yesterday. all thanks to ali edward's post & picture. how lovely it is to gain new customers thanks to good old/new fashioned word of mouth via the internet. thank you, ali. and thanks to every one who purchased diaries; they are in the mail today. if you'd like to be notified when the next collection of diaries will be in stock, please email me and i'll be sure you're the first to know.


shopgirl said...

Yes Marta! Please let me know when you have them in stock. I would definitely love some!


Rambles with Reese


summer said...

hooray! how cool is that? i love seeing the blogs at work like this. word of mouth is truly a wonder.

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

I saw that! So cool! I love Ali's blog.

Miranda said...

Wow Marta! Hooray for mini diaries! Ali is such an idol of mine, how fun to have been featured on her blog!

Mefi said...

i saw the post on Ali and was so excited for you.

mcshanefamily said...

i came to your blog via ali edward's post. having a boy just a few months younger than your ben, i enjoyed reading your stories of him and your delight in mothering him. thanks for all the inspiration on your blog from etsy finds to recipes to paper goods. love it all.

let me know when the mini diaries are back.


Shelley said...

Please let me know when your diaries are back in stock. They are wonderful!

Many thanks.


Amy B. said...

Hi Marta,

Please let me know when you are finished with your new stash of mini diaries. I would like to order 3 (2 to give, and 1 to keep).

Thanks so much! Really enjoying your blog. The Alice in Wonderland Party is so awesome! Your niece is quite the party planner. If only I had girls instead of boys, but I do love my boys. Looked at your store as well. Simply beautiful and wonderful things and I would have never known if it hadn't been for Ali. The internet is pretty cool!


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