16 June 2010

printables: cool cards for dads

i thought it might be fun to whip out some cards with my dad's old sunglasses in mind. i vividly remember him checking on us in the rear view mirror of our classic 80s suburban. these cool cards will easily print on a regular sheet of cardstock; simply trim around their borders to fit inside an A2 envelope.

click, save and print for your favorite fathers.

:: thank you to koloist for featuring last year's edition of my father's day present to dan. now that benji can reach the shelf, he always gets this little album down and flips through the pages while perched on the ottoman.

:: tune in tomorrow for a summer thursday giveaway. i can hardly wait.


Phoenix Peacock said...

These little cards are too cute! I'm sure my father in law will get a kick out of one.
I too am hosting a giveaway - feel free to check it out:


Everton Terrace said...

Cute cards. I'm going to have to print a tag out for my Dad's gift because it kind of matches a little post I have going up on Friday - it's an "ode" to him and it's about glasses!

Travelin'Oma said...

Very cute idea, Min!

KJ said...

thanks for these.

Erin C. said...

Thank you for these clever cards!

Terri said...

Thank you for these! This is exactly what I need for my girls (3 & 1) to give my husband. I think I'll print them out and have them draw pictures/scribble on them.

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