20 June 2010

favorites: simple gift wrap

these next few weeks i'll be playing favorites. i am scooping out photos from my archives and describing a few of my all-time favorites. classic things i love to love. dan and benji will be assisting me with a few posts of their favorite things too. i'll be including topics from kitchen gadgets to shoes to summer activities to treats. if you want to request a favorite you'd like me to cover, i'd love to hear it. feel free to play along, if you have a tip on the subject, please leave a comment. i'll begin this series with a favorite go-to gift wrap idea. because anyone who knows me knows i love cellophane bags and use them for everything. they just add a touch of voila to my vocabulary of little gifts. these babies make my selections of bulk candy seem not so bulky. maybe even dainty.

favorite gift wrap supplies
  • small cellophane bags
  • pretty ribbons
  • simple tags or labels


Cassie said...

Nothing is prettier in my mind than a simple package with a pretty ribbon and those are some pretty packages!

Can I ask how you store your ribbon collection (as I imagine it is vast)?


Oh, My Darling said...

Such a gorgeous idea!

Diane said...

Where do you get your blackberry honey? It's my favorite, and hard to find. My source in Washington has closed. I haven't found a place here in Salt Lake yet.

Amanda said...

You are my gift inspiration. I will be using cellophane bags for the holiday season...where do you get them? Would also love to know where you find your pretty ribbons.

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