26 July 2010

how-to road trip in style. part two.

by marta of martawrites.com

to learn about packing up for a road trip, please read part one. once you arrive at your locale, enjoy every minute of it. even if it's just for a day-trip, relish in the surroundings. no matter how lavish or not-so-lavish your destination is, road trips are everything you make them to be. you're talking to a gal who went camping on her honeymoon; i'm well schooled in this stuff.

enjoy the view. try to find the best parts about your new place. be adventurous. usually dan takes me up tall mountains or on long woodsy hikes. however on our recent road trip to sun valley, we did a mini hike up to the fancy sun valley golf course. neither of us golf, so it was like scooping out uncharted territory. it was so beautiful. i love any hike that ends up in a lovely air conditioned building! there was a big fancy lodge with flat screen tv's and an incredible view of the course. or do i say the greens? i wanted to be a poser and sit on the patio and order something fizzy and wear one of those gloves you see golfers wearing and sport a cute polo tee and terry cloth visor and chat it up with my wee little caddy who might just be wearing one of those darling tweed caps that little boys wear in london.

explore the sights and bring an extra pair of clothing. you never know when you will fall into a fountain or spill apple juice down your shirt. it's nice to have a fresh, non-wrinkled outfit to slip into. our little boy is not the only one, i am the queen of changing in the car in a flash. a little like wonder woman or maybe word girl.

tote along an army of entertainment devices for the little ones at restaurants. we usually have a game plan that one of us eats first and then takes the squirming babe out for a walk while the rest of the group sits and eats like real adults. the kneadery is our favorite place in sun valley for breakfast and the spot where i devoured my belgium waffle in seconds. thus, i had the chance to hang out with benji for a post-breakfast ring around the roses session.

shop where locals shop. dine where locals dine. lounge where locals lounge. but please, do not fall into trendy traps. i can't get over these webby weird shoes dubbed fivefingers from vibram. (i see them as the new version of the croc. which i'm not totally on board with either. call me old fashioned, but i still dig my adidas.) if you enter the elephant's perch in sun valley, a place that sells outdoor gear and bikes and packs and patagonia brand breathable clothing that is marked up twice as much as normal clothing (yes, i understand cotton kills–meaning it's the worst type of fabric to wear outdoors–but seriously, if i'm gonna spend this much money on a shirt, i'm going to anthro), you'll find these shoes all colorfully lined up near the cash register begging you to buy them. i was not in the least bit tempted to buy them. however i did try them on. just to give them a fair shake. i was not convinced. maybe i'm too worldly or out of touch with the art of going barefoot in nature, but why in the world do i need these shoes? rock climbing, maybe. (i'd prefer to get a baby pair and give them to benji so he doesn't have to go barefoot in one of those germ-infested playlands.) more importantly, what would i wear them with and who needs their toes individually compartmentalized? (if you own a pair of these shoes, i definitely want to interview you and hear your review. and for the record, you're probably way more in shape than me and lots cooler too.) i'm all about exploring new and exciting things; just stay true to yourself. don't try to be someone you're not. which cancels out all that talk about being a pro golfer.

loosen up a little. the joy of staying somewhere else is you get to break all of your regular rules. you can stay in your jammies all day, you get to eat in bed (and never even make your bed) and watch favorite movies with your best friends by your side.

take part in the simple things. sit near a stream, feed the ducks, read a good book, go to bed early, tell stories, hold hands, breathe in fresh air and turn off anything you own that beeps, chimes or rings at you.

bring along only the best traveling companions. listening to the stories of lewis & clark was the best backdrop while traveling home. we twisted around the miles of sage brush and wide open fields in idaho listening to the adventures of dan's heroes. while we enjoyed air conditioning and yogurt covered raisins, they were bit by mosquitos, eating wild animals, paddling canoes, meeting native americans and packaging up a live prairie dog as a gift for those back at the white house. true story. i highly recommend reading or listening to something unique, they are the best reminders of the trips taken.

kick back and enjoy the ride. relax and rest up. remember, your regular routine is right around the corner. soak up the sunshine, pile your stuff in, turn up the tunes and hit the road. if i have snapped lots of scenic photos, discovered a nice souvenir, sung duets loudly and written down a few prose, i know the trip was a success. now do tell, what are your road trip tips?

add to marta's collection :: the how-to series was created to encourage confidence in creativity. to focus on what we can do rather than what we can't. i am excited to showcase your talents and unique ideas. if you have a specialty (and i know you do), please submit your how-to guest post by emailing me. marta{at}martawrites{dot}com. i will be delighted to feature your how-to. 

"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." - John Wooden


Jill said...

um yeah, those barefoot shoes totally creep me out, as do crocs. and my son has the same "best friend" as benji. too cute!

p.s. giving away a little print i designed over on my blog today...in case you wanted to check it out :)

Christine said...

i've seen people wear those "barefoot" shoes, even on trail runs! i can't imagine wearing them though... but i also saw someone run a FULL MARATHON in these little gladiator-looking leather sandals. ouch.

your tiny travel companion is starting to look like his mama!

Tamara said...

great picture documentation

brookehenn said...

I had the awesome chance to visit Sun Valley back a few years ago for my aunt's wedding (she lives in Boise). While we were there, my mom got engaged to my now step dad. Lots of wonderful memories...I recognize the little pond that your guys are sitting by in the picture! Oh, and what brand is your little guy's car seat? I'm on the hunt for a new one for my little guy and I like the look of yours. Thanks!- Brooke

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I am so glad you brought up these crazy shoes. I saw a couple wearing them in Chicago a few months ago and I couldn't figure out what they were - have seen them a few times since. Don't like them (also didn't get on the croc bandwagon).
Books on tape are my fav' travel tip for the road. We are addicts!

Jodi said...

My friend is a pro-runner and he swears by those shoes! He says the foot moves more naturally and you have better control or something. I think it's strange and another mark on the "cons" list of becoming a runner.

Crocs = never good.

Hil said...

What a fun little vacation you guys had! The Kneadery is so delicious... I propose we start one up here. :)

I love the tips, you truly are a traveling pro.

p.s. I still can't believe you went CAMPING on your HONEYMOON. I think Dan owes you a trip to the Hawaiian tropics for that one. ;) We'll take Benji!

brooke said...

I saw a guy wearing those weird shoes in Costco and I asked him about them. He proudly told me they were sold out at REI and all over the nation. He then followed me around the store telling me how great they were and cleaned up after my kids as they dropped samples....I don't "get" the shoes. I don't want the shoes. I don't want to talk to the dude wearing the shoes.

Anyway, these are all great tips. I miss Sun Valley. I miss the Kneadery. It was fun to see your pictures.

Hannah said...

We did a camping honeymoon as well. I really can't think of a better way to celebrate a wedding than to sleep under the stars.

Your little guy is adorable.

Marisa said...

"Word Girl!" Totally you.

I saw a woman wearing those shoes in the airport. (If you can even call them "shoes.") Seriously, people. Like Crocs, wear them for their intended use. Not all over town or crossing the country by air.

--r said...

love the advice, but really, the photos of benji steal the show. his cuteness is rather distracting (in a good way, of course). :)

[eeny] said...

Your pictures are amazing and your little traveling companion is too cute.

Those shoes look too hilarious... It makes me laugh out loud to picture someone in them, walking through town or costco or the airport.

Mrs Abbott said...

I feel like since I read your post on your loss, I'm hooked and found a new/old friend! I may now have to comment on every single post that you write! You love my-so-called-life and the office? Me too! You love taking pictures and being crafty! Me too. I see that you have 781 followers- that's awesome. I love it! I will not covet. I will not covet. I will not covet. By the way, my friend wore those freaky shoes on a trek in D.C. and hated them. So freakin' hot.

etre-soi said...

uhhmm!!! road trips, love them so much. the last one I made was from south of france, to italy and switzerland, wonderful souvenirs. The best way to travel !

KJ said...

those, um, shoes? no, no, no, no. just. no. I wish I were cool enough to weekend in Sun Valley! Incidentally, on our recent very long road trip we listened to Beatrix Pottter and Frog and Toad are Friends. love the audio books.

Kayla said...

My tip is to stop for ice cream as often as possible. And don't be afraid to stop at a local dig rather than McDonald's. I have so many memories of road tripping across the country with my dad and begging him to stop for every hand-painted sign heralding ice cream or milkshakes. I love those memories.

Anonymous said...

Found you through blog hopping. Just wanted to say and that I am enjoying your blog! :)

Travelin'Oma said...

We took grandson Mack to BYU baseball camp today and he was wearing the toe shoes—to a baseball camp! He was thrilled that it would make him run faster. After a look around at his new baseball buddies, we took a quick trip to Famous Footwear and purchased some normal running shoes with normal padding to cushion the bottom of a foot.

Anonymous said...

So glad you are blogging again. We miss you. I want to see some of your recent crafts! Have you done any?

Erin B. said...

Those Vibrams shoes are very popular with Crossfitters (a functional fitnesss movement that I love) because they allow weight to be placed in the heels while lifting and working out. Though I don't own a pair (I love crossfit, but I hate waste more... when my regular New Balences finally wear out I will buy a pair) I know many people who swear by them. I wouldn't waste them on daily walking around, but for functional fitness, you can't beat them! :)

Story of our Life said...

I have a pair of the 5 Finger Shoes. My almost 8 year old does, too.

We first bought my son a pair. I swallowed deeply and bit the bullet. Not that he 'just had to have them or anything'. But more because of issues he has w/his toes. (and some other reason, also)

I bought a pair of running/excerise shoes instead. Then when my bd came around a month or so later and I couldn't think of anything I wanted (well, I could but nothing that I wanted to get at the time) we happened in to the big town running store that has the small town feel. (We know the owner) We talked to D and I walked out with a pair that are a brown suede moc than anything else.

I don't run in them. I would love to run in them. They are more and more popular around the area (we live in WI).

I don't wear them everyday.
I dont' care if my shoes match my outfit or what I'm wearing.
I drive for a living (Mass Transit). I wear Dansko Mary Janes 5 days a week. Some days I switch it up and wear Keens w/my work shorts.
They are ugly. My only regrets - not getting the ones that were so ugly they were cute. Instead, I went for more of a practical feel and they are hot.
My son has the 5 finger socks also. He doesn't like them. When it isn't so hot out anymore - I might wear them. Right now thats not happening.

Anyway...I own a pair. Actually...we own 2 pair in our house. My DH laughs and shakes his head and says "Whatever will make you happy dear" and my soon to be 11 year old acts like she doesn't know me. :)

Leslie said...

My road trip tips - Pack lots of ziplock bags. They are great for dividing and passing snacks across the car or for toting tiny found treasures or saving the last of your lunch or stowing wet clothes, etc. and Bring some fruits and veggies along with the treats. You will love eating them after a few fast-food meals and candy.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I can't believe the negative responses regarding the Vibram five-finger shoes! I know they look a little strange, but until you've worn a pair - oh boy.

I have suffered for years from back and knee pain. On a whim, I decided to try these "weird" shoes someone recommended. I am AMAZED at how my pain nearly disappeared. There is some discussion that our choice of footwear has led to many physical ailments and if we went back to more "natural" walking we could alleviate some of this discomfort. I am a true believer. When wearing my Five Finger shoes, my stride is more "natural" and I walk softer, without the constant slap-slap of feet against the pavement.

To the comment that "like crocs, wear them for their intended use.." Um..they are SHOES. When you see someone wearing them on their feet, I'd say they've pretty much covered the intended use. They are not house-shoes, or gardening shoes, or whatever you might think. Just shoes. Wear them wherever you want.

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