02 August 2010

am a fan

am a fan of gwyneth and grapes. after reading the clever, witty and wonderfully genuine article about cooking with gwyneth by jeffrey steingarten, i toted the august issue of vogue home for coffee table eye candy.

am a fan of ryan's review of the new harry potter amusement park. among other things, he's a talented writer, so it's an excellent read. i must fess up, even though we watched all the movies while waiting for benji to make his debut into the world, i am a half-hearted harry fan (meaning i found myself at a bookshop at midnight one year to get the latest copy, yet i was not wearing a costume. i felt like a complete muggle. i've loved the books i've read so far, yet shamefully i am not completely caught up). however i love hype and was happy to read his reviews about the taste of Butterbeer along with his unbiased details and tips about taking a trip to the wizarding world of harry potter. read part one and part two.

am a fan of this lovely baby shower hosted by amy wherein the guests crafted darling onesies instead of grimacing through typical baby shower games. super cute cupcakes & clothespins too.

am a fan of rosanna dishes, specifically these pretty polka dot teacups. i know i don't need anymore dishes, but they are just my style. i can't help dreaming about them.

am a fan of heidi's fruit & feta salad. we make it once a week around here with blueberries.

am a fan of this pretty portland pop-up card. so creative.

am a fan of caroline's dainty tiny birthday party she hosted for her little one year old doll, norah. looks like she remembered every itty bitty detail.

am a fan of glow cones. yep, you heard me. glowing sno cones are completely rad.

am a fan of julia's family portraits. i loved the images of this family featured near things they love; by the beach and in between stacks of books. adorable.

am a fan of new-to-me blogs. am dreaming of these fudge brownies, this perfect kitchen, this printable alphabet banner and this raindrop room.

am a fan of amy's first trip to new york city. i love the yellow cardigan and pocket skirt and colorful scarf and wooshy hair. a subway version of the sartorialist.

am a fan of joy's new wallpaper. it's dreamy design is just the right hue. wish i had a little house with a little laundry room to wallpaper.

am a fan of these completely cute confetti garlands by kristina marie via design mom. i want to swirl them all over this place for benji's birthday and leave them up until mine, one month later.

am a fan of moo.com. i just ordered a boatload of new business cards from them (love the quality, paper and overall greatness of their printshop). moo sent along a few coupons, so if you're one of the first three people who email me directly you'll receive a 15% off discount code for your first order. hooray.

am a fan of august. hello, august.


Monika Wright said...

i opened my ETSY store, so am looking for business cards!

cindy said...

I love biz cards!

Hil said...

such great links. all of them. thanks for sharing!

kyracross said...

oh i would love the coupon code! not sure where your address is... ?

Julia Wade said...

I am a fan of you Miss Marta. xoxo
Thanks so much for the love. :)

Anna said...

Thanks for sharing the link to the review of the Harry Potter park! I share your half-fan-obsessed-love of the stories :) I was never a midnight release girl, just the next morning and then I would spend the next few days doing nothing but reading the books. I encourage you to keep at it with reading. As you know, they are truly wonderful stories, ultimately about love :)


Everton Terrace said...

I love the mini Moo cards! I include them with all my orders. I read every Harry Potter book and loved them to death but haven't seen all the movies yet. Don't know about the amusement park!

The Panic Room said...

How awesome to be in your "fan of" list, it made standing in all of those lines feel even more worth the torture. Thanks a bunch

Anonymous said...

Those fudge brownies are to die for! I was lucky enough to eat one recently. ;) YUM!!

Anne @ The City Sage said...

Thanks for including me! Honored to be mentioned with such a great round-up of links :)

Laura said...

Great list! I loved Gwyneth in "Vogue" too - especially the photo of her amongst all of the books.

I miss your printable monthly calendars! Are you not doing those anymore?

Melanie Anne said...

Dear Marta,
I just wanted you to know that I am a fan of you and your darling happy blog!! Thank you so much!!
happy last month of summer!

dandee said...

Oh, those family portraits are so, so darling. And those garlands! Love.

You've created a sweet happy space here, Marta and I'm eager to read more.


KK said...

Loved the article about Gwyneth...I read it in the waiting room of my car repair shop. She is on my list of famous people I'd love to have dinner with.

Amy said...

wow! Thanks so much for including me! I'm honored to be a part of the list!

Erin said...

Am a fan of "am a fan!" Love it. Thanks for some more fabulous links, miss Marta! Happy August.

AmberLee said...

wow. so much to love here. including gweneth! i am so flattered to be a part. and how is it I never knew about moo? so fun.

SewSara said...

you've got great taste and i had fun clicking on all the links and browsing around. so many things i hadn't seen!

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