29 September 2010

guest posting today.

...it holds my life in its hands. the home is where i clean out my fridge when the new groceries come in. wherein i introduce the new yogurts to the few that are still left. i separate the string cheeses and slice apples for baggies. the home is where i have cookies on top of the fridge and colorful cereal bowls lined up in a row. home is where the laundry lives...

read my entire guest post today over on the lovely website, Bloom. am delighted to be apart of their latest series about a subject i hold dear, home. it was nice to sit awhile and jot down my thoughts about what home means to me. the fact that i have control over creating this space is a pretty amazing responsibility, full of possibilities.  

do tell, what are some magic touches you add to your home?


Hil said...

I loved your post Marta! Seriously love the sentence about your home being your heart. You have such a way with words! Thanks for sharing.

--r said...

yes. there is definitely an inner sigh of relief for me each time i enter the door to home. most. comfortable. place. ever.
things i miss the most when i'm not home: my tiny kitchen and my very own bed.

Lesa said...

is my
to be.

Lately I have been using all fresh fruits and veggies in a big wrought iron dish as a centerpiece for my table. Great place to store them, plus it makes me happy to look at them, plus it reminds me that I should use them!

Nice post over at Bloom!

talesofahummingbird said...

beautiful post @ bloom, mart! love your sentiments and enjoy that they almost always match up perfectly with my own.
i try to add color and texture while keeping it simple, comfortable and decluttered with as much natural sunshine flowing through as possible. a magic touch i am striving to add on a more regular basis is homemade smells....applesauce simmering, bread baking, cookies cooling - those smells will trigger memories the rest of their lives. so i am trying to be sure they are present in my home as often as i can find time to fit them in, and sometimes even when i don't. its worth losing an hour of sleep to get that fresh baked smell spread throughout the house. :)

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