14 September 2010

how-to make a towel bib

by sara from sewsara

i absolutely love towel bibs for my son and was thrilled when sara emailed me her how-to about making them! i quickly custom ordered a few from her etsy shop. the bibs arrived with appliqued animals and his name too. i never knew a towel bib could be so cute. read on for sara's fabulous bib photo tutorial. they make a perfect baby shower gift, since you can never have enough.

As a mom of three, I'm always on the lookout for cute towels to make bibs for my kids. I usually can't find them so instead I sell bibs like this. But those kind are way more time consuming. The towel makes it so much easier. And these are my favorite because they last forever -- even my 5-yr-old and 3-yr-old still wear them when we eat spaghetti (they call them "spaghetti bibs") or do when they do art projects! Now that baby Simon (my 6-month-old) is tasting his first foods, he's wearing them, too. And I can just wipe his face with the towel bib ... it's great. So, keep your eye out for cute towels! I always look in the kitchen and bath sections while browsing stores.

I found this polka dot towel at the dollar store, so I pre-washed it to make sure it didn't fall apart. So far, so good. I guess we'll see if it stands the test of time. Here are the steps to sew your very own towel bib. You'll be shocked at how simple it can be!


If you make your own towel bib, I'd love to hear from you! Happy sewing.

images from sara.

we all have unique talents which is why i created this series. please browse the rest of the how-to series right here. "Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." - John Wooden


anna jo said...

Fun! I was wanting to make a towel smock. Or maybe even a towel one piece outfit. Right now, even as I type, mr miles is covered in marinara sauce. So cute, but oh so messy.

SewSara said...

thanks for the feature, marta! :)

Megan said...

LOVE these bibs!!! So glad to have a tute so I have no more excuses to mot make more!!

Miranda said...

I have made a few bibs! How do you like the bibs that pull over? My one your old hates putting on shirts so I improvised, made it with binding and Velcro. I took pictures of mine on my blog, you can look at them if you like (under hobbies). :)
Your applique is WAY cuter than mine though.

Boss said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I'm excited to try it out for my incredibly messy 11-month-old! I do have a question though: what do you use for the ribbing? Is it a standard by-the-yard ribbed knit?

Also, just FYI, it looks like the steps for marking and then pinning the ribbing are out of order. It's not hard to figure out, but I thought you might want to know.

dianneo said...

Thanks for the easy instructions!

Oma said...

Thanks for the demo. I'm a first time Grandma and sewed many dresses and so forth for my daughter. Now I have a grand-daughter 18 mo who needs some towel bibs at Oma's house. She will only use a towel bib because that is what they use in daycare. So thanks for helping me out.
Love your Sunday blog too.

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