17 September 2010

yellowstone park: part III

b and d smiling on a chilly morning; viewing lower falls.

lower falls close up. absolutely stunning. you can see the snowflakes still clinging to the trees. the snow melted by the afternoon. just wait, there's an upper falls too.

upper falls. this is one of those incredible views that you can't believe is truly in front of your own eyes. it's amazing. you have to be there to realize how huge and astounding these waterfalls are.

this is what i look like on every hike i've ever taken with dan. thank goodness he's come to love the bandanna look. (i have a whole collection of them.)

i may have taken a hundred photos of yellowstone lake. the water was like glass and the clouds were ever changing, around every bend. we kept pulling over to catch the scenic views. dan peeled oranges for benji and i while we marveled at the lake.

b playing in the tent on our last morning in yellowstone. he is what i like to call bright eyed and bushy-tailed in the mornings.

we stopped here to watch the buffalo roaming along the countryside. i liked seeing them with their families. we even saw some sibling rivalry action, with a buffalo battle of wills. the one who lost left the area and crossed the street, causing another major traffic jam for delighted tourists. it's awesome to watch the buffalo roll in the dirt to scratch their backs. the baby buffalo are soo cute.

thanks for indulging me in our family vacation photos. really, it means a lot to me. last slideshow coming up, the big crowd pleasers of the trip.


Hannah said...

Oh, you are making me crave a camping trip. There is nothing better than waking up in a cozy sleeping bag and cool, crisp air.

And camping food is the best.

Your little one is such a handsome guy. What a trooper. Such fun pictures.

Ann Marie said...

beautiful photos, marta. hooray for camping and national parks!

Meg said...

Your pictures are beautiful! You are making me really want to go back there. My husband and I went there for our honeymoon, but it was January so we snow mobiled through everything and it was gorgeous! But I've never been there in the summer, I think it's time we went back!

Moments and Impressions said...

your trip looks amazing and put "out west" on my list of very near future trips.

Hil said...

I love the bandanna look. You are always so stinkin' cute... even when hiking!! I am also loving Benji's adorable little beanie. He is looking like such a big boy lately!

Carola Bartz said...

I love the bandanna look as well! And Yellowstone! Some of our fondest memories are two camping trips to Yellowstone. Your pictures are beautiful!

P.S. said...


tifsong said...

your little man has the BEST eyes.


i like you.
you're inspiring.

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