12 October 2010

how-to wear a nude lip

by brandy, mom & makeup artist of lipstick & laundry

The glossy nude lip is everywhere and it is here to stay! From runway models to magazine covers to celebrity sightings. Everyone is wearing it. The great thing about this lip is that it looks good on just about anyone. You just have to choose what shades look best for your skin tone. There are 4 easy steps to achieve this sexy pouty look: Prep, Outline, Color, and Gloss.

01. Prep:
It's important to make sure the lip is fully hydrated and exfoliated when wearing a nude lip. It will show any imperfections the lip may have. To do this, apply a generous amount of lip balm and let it soak in for a few minutes. Then blot off the excess. Now you are ready for concealer. Using your finger, apply a concealer that is the same tone as your skin. Cover the lips completely. Finally, set the lips by lightly dusting them with powder.

02. Outline:
Define the lip with a lip pencil THAT IS THE SAME COLOR AS YOUR LIP. This is important because you don' t want to have that "washed out" look. Trace the outline of your lips and fill in with a thick line towards the center of the lips.

03. Color:
When choosing a lipstick, pick a color that has peachy undertones. Stay away from the really pale colors. You want the lips to look as natural as possible. I recommend only using a matte lipstick for this look. If you are like me, I always want to my lips to be covered in gloss. In the next step, the gloss will give you the healthy shine you are wanting. But for the lipstick itself, stay with a matte.

The key to this look is finding the right nude shade of color for your skin tone. If you have fair skin, stick with a peachy-beige colors. For medium tones, stay with the peachy pinks. If you have dark skin, go for the honey or caramel colors.

04. Gloss:
Choose a gloss that is either clear or neutral. Since you used a matte lipstick, it's okay to choose a gloss that has just a hint of shimmer to it. But don't go overboard. ONLY APPLY GLOSS TO THE CENTER OF THE LIPS. voila!

Hint: A glossy nude lip really compliments a smokey dramatic eye.

I know some people get overwhelmed when visiting the make up counters so I put together a list of colors that would work for each skin tone. You might notice that I'm slightly bias towards MAC products. I think, in the lip color area, they have the best selection. That is just my own opinion. I know other lines offer beautiful options as well.

For Fair Skin: Lip Liners; Sublime Culture, Subculture Liner, or Whirl. Lipsticks; Creme D' Nude, Myth, Honey Love, or Siss. Lip Gloss: Love Nectar, Underage, or C-Thru.

For Medium Skin: Lip Liners; Whirl or Stripdown. Lipsticks; Velvet Teddy or High Tea. Lip Gloss; Love Nectar or Florabundance.

For Darker Skin: Lip Liners; Cork or Oak. Lipsticks; Honey Flower or Fresh Brew. Lip Gloss; Sinnamon or Chai.

image via thrilld.com

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chloe said...

the YSL lipstick that is used in the pic is one of my favorite formulas- a definite everyday luxury that all makeup loving women deserve.

Mary Beth said...

I do love this look. It's so fun to be a girl!

summer said...

hooray! i'm so glad the mac shades have been shared.. i've been waiting and waiting for someone to recommend the perfect nudes to me. and this is perfect.

[eeny] said...

This is perfect, I love a nude glossy lip as I usually go for a smokey eye.
Thanks Brandy for sharing and thanks Marta for having her =)

Monika Wright | I Love It All said...

I've been wondering how to achieve a nude lip without looking dead. Thanks for the tut.

Oh, and hi Eeny! I found your blog by reading your guest post here at Marta's!

brandy said...

Thanks Marta for having me! I love to talk make up anytime :)
I agree with Mary Beth, it IS so much fun to be a girl!

michelle said...

I too have been wondering how to get this look without looking dead. Thanks for the color suggestions!

kh said...

Love this! I don't do color very well, but NUDE I can do. Love the green nails too!

Miranda said...

Sweet. I can't wait for my next trip to the MAC counter. Thank you thank you!

Laura said...

Thanks for the tips. I love nude lipstick!

Jill said...

My go to nude shade is MAC Faux. I have medium skin and this has just the right amount of pink so it doesn't wash me out.

Pretty sure I should get kick-backs from MAC with not only all the cash I drop there, but for all the times I've referred their products!

Brittany@Love Stitched said...

LOVE This tip thanks for sharing Brandy!!!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Great tutorial!

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