12 November 2010

christmas advent round up.

canvas advent calendar at kikki k. 
embroidered felt advent calendar by the purl bee.

buckets of joy advent calendar (on sale now!) by garnet hill.
matryoshka advent calendar by thymbyidesigns.
candy cane u-fill magnetic advent calendar by polka stripe studio.

amsterdam advent calendar by nouveau designs (i have a soft spot for amsterdam & this advent).
she also has another advent design featuring brooklyn under a moonlit sky (just dreamy).

one of a kind natural advent calendar by dear adam
diy white advent boxes by a million ideas
numbered advent boxes by ali edwards

here is a look at my december bookshelf from last year. it was a simple advent to put together and can really be adapted to any space in your home. for two dollars you can download my pdf. here and create your own designer labels or tags for a custom christmas countdown year after year.

happy weekend, everyone!
p.s. i haven't forgotten about thanksgiving... tune in monday.


jeanette from everton terrace said...

These are all so great. I love the creativity. The one with the buttons is just fantastic. I can't believe it's time to think about this already but it is. It takes me a few weeks to put mine together. Better get at it - thanks for the reminder and the inspiration.

Hannah said...

I love them! Yours is completely darling. My favorite of the bunch, actually. I bet your Benji will love opening them this year.

I have great plans to whip one up myself this weekend. Made the supply list last night and will be shopping this evening. We've never done one before, so this will be exciting.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I love advents. So fun!

Melanie Anne said...

Oh you have inspired me!! I love the little buckets but with 5 boys I am not sure if they are big enough to hold 5 items each:) So I just purchaused your cute tags. I am excited to get started on my advent 2010. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas! Your blog is one of my favorite places to drop by!

Miranda said...

Mmmm...I do love advent calendars. I think it started with those cardboard ones you can buy at the grocery store. The ones with the waxy chocolate inside. I'm currently knitting one that looks like something I saw in Garnet Hill a few years ago. Bets are off as to whether or not I'll finish it in time for this year. :)

Hil said...

Too cute! I never have done an advent calendar... We may just have to give it a try this year. Thanks for the ideas!

summer said...

oooh. the amsterdam art is definitely super cool. i had to check out the brooklyn one as well... very adorable. the little moon! i love how simple this classic calendar can be. your peanuts-wrapped gift boxes are awesome, marta.

Allison Blass said...

We usually get those chocolate candy advent calendars from the grocery store. I love them, but the candy is usually terrible! I should probably just make my own. :) These are really cute though, thanks for sharing!

Kari said...

You missed my favorite . . .

I made on last year and it should be ready to go up in the next few weeks.

Anna said...

The one I am wanting to knit up is listed on this list. Not sure if these are repeats, but I want to knit the baby sock advent wreath idea that originated with Martha Stewart's
link: http://whipup.net/2007/11/26/advent-calendar-tutorials/

hoopty doopty said...

They are all lovely and I really like the one-of-kind button one. Hands down, I have to say yours is my favourite (and I'm not even sayin' that cuz I like your blog so much). How did I miss that last year? And how did you keep Benji from that wee airplane.

Cassie said...

Oh Marta, I was just telling my husband about your wonderful Christmas folder and have added it to my 'to-do' list for next week when I reloaded the page and saw this beauty of a post! I really am going to call you my 'go-to' site for all things wonderful and inspirational!
Hope your weekend is fabulous.

Erin said...

Oh Marta! I adore advent calendars, and these are especially wonderful!

I thought of Cassie (whose comment is above) when I first read about your Christmas folder. It sounds like just the sort of thing she'd like to do!

I'm loving all the holiday inspiration. Keep it coming!

thymbyl designs said...

Thank you for including my Matryoshka Advent Calendar!

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