08 November 2010

project thankful, round two

some of you may remember my online thankful project last year (view round one here). i appreciated your submissions and thankful sentiments so much, i want to bring it back for 2010. you're each invited to contribute thoughts of thankfulness as the month goes by. this thanksgiving season i want to focus on the things that mean the most. an attitude of gratitude, as they say.

here are the project details: tell me something you are thankful for. whatever it might be right now. it can be big, it can be small. lengthy or short and sweet, share it aloud. this project will be open until thanksgiving day for your comments. (use the sidebar button for easy access!) feel free to post as many expressions of gratitude in this comment box, whenever you think of them. i will be posting my own thankful thoughts throughout the month in the comment section as well. i hope you'll join me in this endeavor and i hope you enjoy reading what others have to say. thankfulness is contagious. catch it.

thanks for playing along.

p.s. if you ordered something from my shop last week, it's in the mail today! thank you.


marta said...

• am thankful for a warm bed.
• am thankful for a hot shower.
• am thankful for a cup of cocoa.
• am thankful for a week of possibilities ahead.
• am thankful for big hugs from my boys.
• am thankful for cartoons to stave off starting our early early morning (due to daylight saving)!

J, K, L, and D said...

my thankful list (love this idea, by the way):
-modern medicine (am sick & pregnant, so am missing the regular meds)
-warm baths
-beautiful nature in the fall
-sweet chats from sisters, sisters-in-law, moms, & girlfriends alike
-blogs like yours that inspire & make me smile
-fuzzy warm sweaters
-old 40s music
-the promise of things to come as i make my first foray into parenthood!

Lindsay said...

am thankful for my loving husband.
am thankful for new fun cowboy boots. :)
am thankful for warm bed and blankets.
am thankful for great relationships with family.

anna said...

thankful for sunshine
thankful for a home where I can raise my little munchkins
thankful for yoga
thankful for cherry twizzlers
thankful to stay at home with my kids
thankful to have health and energy this holiday season
thankful for all the growth of this past year
thankful for skirts
thankful for color
thankful for my cozy bed
thankful for family

LMT said...

I was hoping you would do this again this year. I am thankful for my little family, the roof over my head and all the yummy nutrition I am able to afford. I am thankful for my health and my sensitive heart.

Melissa A said...

Thankful for a weekend away with my husband in Portland, OR this weekend and that he doesn't mind joining me in things that I want to do.

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

+thankful for Jesus
+thankful for my Husband
+thankful for life

Unknown said...

-thankful for diet coke
-goodnight kisses from my boys
-leftover Halloween candy
-hour long chats with my best friend Amber
-for my work & my amazing clients
-sunday family dinners

Alex said...

what a great idea, i must have somehow missed this last year. i'm thankful for
*every time my boy takes a good nap
*my husband & his hard work
*our extended family
*a trip to disneyland!
*readily available gluten-free food
and lots of other things, too!

Kristy Villa said...

am thankful for a wonderful hubby.
am thankful for a beautiful daughter.
am thankful for the possiblities of the unknown coming up very soon in our future.
am thankful for a clean house.
am thankful for the upcoming holidays.
am thankful for amazing siblings.
am thankful for a warm, cozy home in this cold weather.

Season said...

am thankful for my 2 toddlers who bring me so much joy and happiness.

chloe said...

i am thankful for:
- my wonderful and supportive family
- my caring and patient husband
- my sweet friends
- my pretty things
- my happy and pleasant job
- the upcoming holidays
- a trip to the isle of Oahu
- a cozy apartment

Mrs Abbott said...

I am thankful for:

-the chance to serve someone this morning.

- not giving in to the temptation to go clothes shopping instead of grocery shopping.

-the cashier at Sams Club thanking me for being a happy person and making the world a better place.

-taking a walk in the crisp Fall leaves.

-Reading blogs and checking e-mail at lunch time.

Melissa said...

If I had to pick one thing, right now, it would be time. Not as you or I know it, but the way the Lord sees it. I am 43 years old and still discovering things that I need to change about myself, things that another person may find easy or in the realm of common sense. I am grateful that we have a merciful Father in Heaven who gives us the time we individually need to become our best selves. Every time I learn something and incorporate it into my life, I'm grateful that He didn't give up on me and gave me time to "get it.". ;)

crissy // mama boss said...

I am so very grateful for the Atonement, for our loving Father in Heaven and his perfect Son, for the word of God, in the form of Scriptures and Prophetic counsel.

Cat said...

I am grateful that my son loves kindergarden!

marta said...

am thankful for hand-me-down boots for benji. they will come in handy this season!

marta said...

oh yeah, and donuts and storytime at the library too. no snowstorm can stop us!

marta said...

just thought of another one.. am so thankful for little sweet surprises. my hubby gave me the new taylor swift cd, just for a happy surprise. am loving it.

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for the love of my life... Michael... who's working hard and doing everything he can to save money so we can get married next year... I'm so thankful for everything he does and has done for me... he really is my world.

Never That Easy said...

Right now, this minute? I'm thankful for a chair that rocks, a warm blanket, and people out in the world who understand where I'm coming from.

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful when my bipolar daughter is happy---even for a moment.

Gretchen said...

I'm thankful for...

my good health
my 3 sons being healthy
my husband's health
our jobs
our home
my dogs
my family, near and far
airplanes, that take me home so very quickly
the internet
books, books, books
my 5 senses, especially smell right now, as I just had a bowl of warm wonderfully smelling minestrone soup and it was divine.

Anonymous said...

I am happy for a loving husband
Am happy for children that are safe and happy.
Am happy for grandchidren
Am happy for my warm home
Am happy for my job and my husbands so that we have enough to eat.
Am happy good health.
Am happy for great friends such as Marta.

Hannah said...

Grateful for books on tape
and sugar
and the conference edition of the Ensign
and a good pair of jeans

The Mighty RandR said...

I am thankful for my husband, my home, my work, warm food, comfy clothes, a never-ending supply of good books, a pot of tea, a new stack of pretty fabric waiting to be quilted up, and the promise of good things to come.

*Dream Weaver* said...

* I am thankful that God sent me someone to love who loves me in return
* I thank God for protecting my loved ones and I each and everyday
* I thank God that my future mother-in-law's spirit is unbeaten even when she has been diagnosed with breast cancer and has a tumor in her brain
* I am thankful that we have our daily bread, a comfortable home and each other
* I am thankful I have heaps of scrapping supplies, books and Eeyores
* I am thankful that my puppy Belle has not bitten another piece of furniture
* I am thankful that I am surrounded by loving friends and family
* I am thankful for entertaining and inspiring blogs that help me get through the long work day

kaela d. said...

i am thankful for....

my wonderful boyfriend who i met on an airplane after we both volunteered to give our seats up on an overbooked flight. they ended up not needing our tickets so they upgraded our seats and sat us next to one another. i am so thankful we both were willing to give something up and in return we were given each other.

my family. we are semi-dysfunctional, funny, and ridiculous at times...but as my mom says, we may not have it all together, but together we have it all. i am also thankful that i am at a mature age to handle their separation. they may have endured painful years to give me a great life...and that pains me...but i am truly thankful.

for my new job. every college graduate these days wonders if there is a job somewhere for them and if they'll ever put their degree to use. i'm pretty easy going...but co wasn't proving to have many opportunities for someone with an english degree.....turns out i randomly got on craiglist and found a very great salaried job working with English education curriculum. God does work in mysterious ways...

i am also thankful for the random and kind guy walking out of whole foods. after an argument with my mom on the phone about her new boyfriend...i finished crying in my car..i wiped my eyes and went in for groceries. as i passed him he said " you are really beautiful, you know that?? " i couldn't be more thankful for his timing.

i am also thankful that i have wonderful blogs like this one to read every day. they are like little presents in the form of daily reads...

and in general, i am thankful that i have so many things to be thankful for that i could go on for quite awhile. but it's late and i have groceries to put away

thank you for this thread of thankfulness: )

marta said...

am thankful for the fresh new snow and seasonal shifts. am thankful for happy projects, lots of good work, a tidy home, a happy family, clean pair of warm socks and a deadline ahead. am thankful for books that fill our shelves and food to stock our fridge. am so grateful for awesome bloggers to connect with and inspire me daily. am so thankful for reasons to serve and people to love.

talesofahummingbird said...

am thankful the homecoming countdown is almost over. am thankful that skype works even in afghanistan. thankful for my two amazing kids. thankful that i get to stay home with them every day. thankful for fresh clean water with icecubs from the fridge door. thankful for a sewing machine keeping me busy through my can't-wait-for-homecoming insomnia. thankful for a family who is always always there for us. and thankful for this blog that always brings me joy and inspiration!

*Dream Weaver* said...

i am thankful that i can see and pray that for those that can't, that they be blessed in other ways and that God guides their every path.

Travelin'Oma said...

I'm thankful my computer fixed itself during its long afternoon nap.

McKinze said...

My husband and I recently moved overseas to volunteer in a developing country. I've been overwhelmed by the idea of spending the holidays far away from family, but recently we've developed a close circle of friends that are becoming our family here. I am so incredibly thankful for their support and understanding as we try to figure out life here!

Kristy Villa said...

I am thankful for finding backup candles upstairs when I thought we were all out. The house smells extra good now!

Amanda said...

I am thankful for Muffin Monday at my college. I am thankful for a full bank account so that I can go grocery shopping after class today.

Eileen said...

I'm thankful for a surprise warm spell this week and sunny mornings. And that I have a job where I can wear jeans, tennis shoes, and a cozy sweater on days when I wake up feeling a little under the weather (like today). And for starting my morning at work with a big mug of hot chai tea while checking google reader!

Miranda said...

I am thankful my daughter's snow suit still fits after being in the closet for a year. And I'm thankful for a husband who loves playing in the snow with his daughter.

Moments and Impressions said...

...for having my first spinning class post baby
...that I lived through said class
...my baby grinned and clapped when I picked her up from the play center
...I have that good workout ache coming
...we have a week of nice weather our way
...Christmas will be even more special this year as a threesome

Moments and Impressions said...

... oh and coffee... love my coffee

Lesa said...

I am thankful for musical instruments.

caitlin said...

thankful for..

01. family
02. freedom
03. friends
04. food
05. shelter
06. comfort
07. chocolate satin pie on sale at the grocery store. :)

Kerri Lynne said...

i'm thankful for my loving boyfriend. my parents divorced when i was 2 years old so thanksgiving was always dad's holiday, and christmas was always spent with mom. my dad passed away a little over three years ago, and my boyfriend has provided me with so much love and support since his passing and i couldn't be more grateful. there's no one else i'd rather have a new thanksgiving tradition with than alex. he is what i'm most thankful for.

talesofahummingbird said...

thankful today for the good things a 7 mile run did for my emotional energy.

Abby said...

I am thankful that my 3 year old still wants to be held by his mom.

country girl chronicles said...

I am thankful for that perfect pick-me-up tune I've been needing to rock out to all day long.

Melissa Davis said...

I am thankful for my daughters warm snuggles at night, my sons snuggles during the day, my husbands friendship. Thankful for my family.

holly said...

I started a gratitude list on my blog:

I will be adding more posts throughout the month.

marta said...

feeling grateful for sunny skies and shiny blankets of snow. it really is gorgeous with the blue skies up above. so thankful for a washer, dryer and a choo choo train to keep him busy while i fold clothes.

crissy // mama boss said...

I am grateful for the sparkling eyes and genuine smiles from my babes.
I am grateful that I am able to stay home with them, even though, financially, things are tight.
I'm grateful that I've been blessed to have my own babies, that I've never had difficulty becoming pregnant.
I am grateful for the sweet spirit that children bring into the home.

Jen Holtkamp said...

i'm thankful for...
-brave soldiers
-nail polish
-warm showers
-freedom of speech
-hot chocolate

Miranda said...

I'm thankful that I have time to curl up with my little girl all morning in our pajamas.

I'm thankful that we have food spilling out of our fridge.

I'm thankful that my husband has a job.

marta said...

thankful for my health, for strength and knowledge. glad to have a shoulder to lean on, a boy to tuck in and crisp clean water to sip. thankful for modern day wonders and old fashion traditions. thankful for the ideas that never stop coming and going.

jess. said...

thankful for an amazing hubby
thankful that he'll be home in 320 days
thankful for weekends
thankful for gingersnap cookies
thankful for snuggly sweaters and soft slippers
thankful for starbuck's peppermint hot chocolate
thankful for girl's nights out
thankful for a great book
thankful for endless creativity and new ideas

[eeny] said...

I am thankful for life itself...
what would we be without it?
Live out loud every single day even if it is a mess... make it a beautiful mess... it is way to short to waste any single second of it.

I am also thankful for all the people around me. It feels so good to know that there is someone to lean on - no matter what.

I am thankful for the little things. Just a single little word or gesture can make someone feel extra special.

I am thankful for you, Marta - for reminding me to be thankful.

talesofahummingbird said...

thankful for truly being blessed with with quiet time at the end of the day to reflect on this. thankful for parents in my house, loving on my babies and making me dinner! thankful for my pup snuggled, snoring, on my lap - keeping me cozy. thankful that my countdown is almost down to five fingers. thankful for the nostalgia preparing for the holiday season brings. thankful for joyful squeals of delight from an almost two year old. thankful for the glee christmas cd! :)

konstantina said...

I'm thankful for a whole lot but nothing compares to how thankful I am for my sweet when I'm sour, patient when I'm not, strong when I'm weak, funny when I'm sad, by my side when I'm lonely, appropriately reprimanding when I'm an idiot, the milk in my coffee, the sugar in my cookie, the love of my life, my best friend and co-struggler, my wonderful husband. There's nothing better in my life than his calm presence.

ShanLeigh said...

New here, so first I'm thankful to have found your lovely site! Family, friends, health, happiness, life, freedom, dreams, hope, laughter, to be continued...

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