21 November 2010

thankful jar.

i spied this real life project thankful jar on the mama's who know blog.
pretty cool to see my handiwork in action (in real life)!

i am thankful to you for submitting your constant comments of gratitude.
here are just a few of my favorite entries for this year's project thankful.

thankful for sunshine /  thankful for a home where I can raise my little munchkins / thankful for yoga / thankful for cherry twizzlers / thankful to stay at home with my kids / thankful to have health and energy this holiday season / thankful for all the growth of this past year/ thankful for skirts/ thankful for color / thankful for my cozy bed / thankful for family  - anna

am thankful the homecoming countdown is almost over. am thankful that skype works even in afghanistan. thankful for my two amazing kids. thankful that i get to stay home with them every day. thankful for fresh clean water with icecubs from the fridge door. thankful for a sewing machine keeping me busy through my can't-wait-for-homecoming insomnia. thankful for a family who is always always there for us. and thankful for this blog that always brings me joy and inspiration! 
- tales of a hummingbird

I am thankful my daughter's snow suit still fits after being in the closet for a year. And I'm thankful for a husband who loves playing in the snow with his daughter. - Miranda

I am grateful that my son loves kindergarten! - Cat

I'm thankful for a surprise warm spell this week and sunny mornings. And that I have a job where I can wear jeans, tennis shoes, and a cozy sweater on days when I wake up feeling a little under the weather (like today). And for starting my morning at work with a big mug of hot chai tea while checking google reader!  - eileen

thank you for reminding me to be thankful for the good things in life.


Anna @ IHOD said...

This is such a great practice to start with your family. Gratitude really is the key to appreciating all the wonderful blessings you are given.
Thanks for sharing this!


Cat said...

What a surprise to see my comment in your post!
I must say that I am also thankful that I am also for your blog. Here in Quebec, we don't really celebrate thanksgiving. You help me appreciate what I have, on a daily basis!
It's always a joy to read you!

Erin@mamaswhoknow said...

Thank you Mart for saying hi to my blog again...

Hope you have a great Utah trip. We would love some snowy weather, but our Texas winter will have to do.

Candra Georgi said...

i host a thankful thursday link up every week if you're interested http://curiousgeorgi.blogspot.com/2010/11/thankful-thursday-top-ten-16.html

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