21 December 2010

cute calendars for the new year

so happy to find out today is the last day of free shipping from kate spade. hurrah. i just ordered my 2011 planner refills. i splurged on the canvas anne pocket organizer years ago and am still so enchanted with it. my deadlines and playdates and must-do's and address list all in one place! i highly recommend gifting yourself something that will make you glad day after day. my mom taught me a valuable lesson; make sure the daily stuff you deal with is cute! it makes the nitty gritty details of life so much more pleasant.

check out their stocking stuffers and the fun things we love page too.


Melissa said...

When I saw the title "cute calendars for the new year" - I immediately thought of Kate Spade. So many pretty things! Love her use of bright colors and sparkle.

*Dream Weaver* said...

I enjoy looking at Kate Spade stuff. It is so unfortunate that her pretty things are so expensive here. Perhaps one day I will own something pretty from Kate. For now, thanks for the link which will entertain me through the day I am sure.

Cassie said...

I totally agree about making those everyday things pretty. I always make a point of taking my time when choosing myself a new notebook for each year so that it is something I will enjoy all year.

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