20 December 2010

stocking stuffers for kids & teens

back by popular demand.

i've created two more grocery lists for last-minute stocking stuffers. this year, custom-made for kids and teens. (see my other go-to stocking stuffer lists here.) i love that stockings are a perfect reason to give something silly, something sweet and something special. i always love it when–after all the wrappings have been ripped off–the trinket they are most mesmerized with is from their stocking! sometimes the smallest gifts can be so exciting. i love to keep up with childhood traditions, a pez dispenser, silly putty and a ripe orange are items i always enjoyed. happy stocking stuffing!


chloe said...

i love your lists! i am so excited for Christmas!

house of 7 said...

ditto on the list comment. i luv them too!

Johanna said...

When I first discovered you blog Marta ( at least a year or two ago), I spent hours going through your "Christmas" categorized posts and LOVED your stocking stuffer ideas.
Thank you for continuing the tradition with more stocking stuffer posts. I love them!
Merry Christmas from the chilly (-30) Yukon, Canada (next to Alaska)

Cassie said...

Thank you for the 2010 edition, I will save these with your other fabulous lists.

Hope your house is full of festive cheer this week.

Dansie Family said...

great classics and twists on classics. our family loves to get soda pop in glass bottles - izze, mexican coke or simply orange crush. santa usually leaves the whole costco-sized case in the cupboard. and i just found some fun melissa and doug square crayons, so they don't roll. i hope those end up in the stockings.

summer said...

hooray!! one of my favorite posts of the whole year! you could stuff stockings for a living, marta. seriously.

jen byard said...

Thanks again Marta! I love these lists. Definitely adding a calculator to my three year olds stocking this year. Save the iphone!

hoopty doopty said...

These are great lists. I love your creativity & thoughtfulness always!
I, myself, like the teenager list and I'm a grown adult. Go figure. Too much fun to be had inside a stocking. The goodies inside my stocking have always been my favourite.

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

Zots are the best! I love your little stocking stuffer lists every year.

Merry Christmas Marta!

susan said so said...

you're just adorable. :)

my kids are long grown (in most ways, anyway), and grandchildren are still far in the future, but i do thoroughly enjoy all the fun you have with your littles. it's nice to see moms enjoy their kiddos (i had, and still have, an absolute ball with mine!), and you're very good at this, it seems!

have fun. :)

Hannah said...

I wish I had this list last week! Took me an hour to buy the stuffing contents. Aimlessly wandered the Target aisles.

Brilliant list.

Amanda said...

I've been waiting for your stocking stuffer list, Marta. Well done (as always), dear!

Love the new banner too!

Anonymous said...

I go to the Dollar store, mini flashlights, super glue, duct tape, pens, mini toothbrushes with toothpaste already in them. Travel mugs and more. I filled 11 stockings for $80 and bought some craft supplies to boot! I always have an extra one on hand for the unexpected person to show up, they don't feel left out and if I don't use it I save it for next year!

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