30 December 2010

what dan lovingly refers to as my lumberjack shirt.

let me introduce you to my plaids.

this urban outfitters flannel shirt is my new favorite favorite.  it's only twenty-nine dollars right now. it is cozy and cute and feels like you're wearing your jammies all day long. it's great with another layer underneath, it's slim enough to go under a hoodie, and is the perfect thing on a snowy almost-january day when you have to hurry and run off to the doctor's office without looking in the mirror. whit first introduced me to it awhile ago, and after hearing how (obsessively) much i wear it, she kindly gifted me a second for christmas. yay.

you really will love it. and your husband will want one too.

p.s. sad news. i am nixing all previous new year's party plans. am pretty bummed about it. my little one has come down with a terrible cough. now i get to call him my bronchiolitisaur and snuggle up with my boys and watch curious georg-e-o and beauty and the beast as a family. not that we don't do that on a regular basis. this time, though, we'll invite the humidifier.

happy ringing in the new year, my friends.


Ashley Hasty said...

I adore those plaid shirts!!

Happy New Year!

<3 Ashley

Heather said...

Adorable! They have some really cute ones at Target right now too!

The Mighty RandR said...

I rock plaid shirts, too, with nice jeans and clogs that resemble cowgirl boots, and call the look lumberjill. Love it.

Cat said...

I hope Benji gets well soon...
Great shirts!

Desiree said...

I looooooooove plaid shirts like this ;) Just ordered one from Old Navy a few days ago!

Sarah said...


love your new header - did i already mention that? love how you do your own thing here and seem truly confident. i get so insecure about my blog sometimes - like i don't need to be putting myself out there and that people will just think this and that. right now i feel empowered - if you don't like it, don't read it, right? (ask me tomorrow).

well... enough of my ramble.
happy new year.

Sarah said...

ps. sorry your baby boy is sick.

pss. like the whitman quotes at the side - ah, the leaves of grass. i teach eleventh grade American Lit.


Lovely Lindsay said...

sometimes holidays spent in are the best ones.
can't wait to see your resolution list for this year.
love, lindsay

Cassie said...

Hope your little one is feeling better soon and you enjoyed a little family new years together.

Amanda said...

I have such a love affair with plaid shirts. I think I have four in my closet right now.

I also love when you review clothes, because then I know it's something worth looking in to.

Sue said...

Great shirt. I love things that feel like Pj's. Happy New Year.

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