13 January 2011

am punching the clock to meet a design deadline.
my goal is to rid my desk of its towering paper piles.
any lofty goals for your weekend? hope yours is happy. 

see you monday.

clever image via pinterest. coolest place online.


ashley maureen said...

very cute photo. love that.
good luck with your deadline!

Hil said...

Good luck with your deadline! Please give us a call if you get too stressed... we'd love to have Benji come and play!

p.s. I love helvetica. :)

christine said...

hahahaha, I do that all the time to my pictures.

Melissa said...

I always have lofty goals. Which is why I don't accomplish them. Ha, ha. I'm still putting Christmas away. How sad is that? Gotta get moving!

Alisha Stamper | Photographer said...

nice. reminds me of "the font conference" don't know if you've seen it but it definitely had me laughing. Maybe you could do a rendition of the photograph with something about papyrus... or comic sans. ugh.

I'm making brandy cheesecake this weekend for the hubs birthday. Wish me luck!

Rachel said...

We're hoping to get our tiny apt finally organized in a way that works for us (after living here for several months, we finally have a feel for what we need from the space). :-)

Isn't pinterest awesome?!! I knew you would like it. ;-)

Amy said...

so glad to know i'm not the only one totally obsessed with pinterest! :)

julia said...

Marta, thought you may like this


found through pinterest

Imagined it in more boy colours to be a great den/fort


Cassie said...

Good luck with deadline and hope you get a minute to rest up too this weekend.


Abby said...

What is pinterest all about? A post maybe? I really enjoy looking through all the pictures, but need some background.

Chuzai Living said...

I love pinterest, too! I agree, coolest place. I love what it says on the photo. So clever!

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