12 January 2011

a dozen things

01. cinnamon burst cheerios. our new favorite 5g of fiber!
02. the pep talk dan gave me last night.
(after which i told him he should be a motivational speaker.)
03. thoughtful / hilarious emails from friends far and wide.
04. noxema triple clean cleanser. whipped cream for your face.
05. homemade light wheat bread. i'm back on the bread bandwagon.
06. illume body butter in yuzu mint. most luxurious lotion ever.
07. am embracing the bangs. yep, i'm a whole new me.
(i'll post a pic when i'm feeling brave.)
08. your awesome comments as of late. thank you.
09. my heating blanket, so dreamy to jump into a toasty bed.
10. chocolate milk in the fridge. love leftovers from church activities!
11. dan's new playlist of favorite country tunes.
(who'd-a-thought?! i love when your spouse surprises you after nine years.)
12. voluspa brand candles. my niece ashley introduced me to santiago huckleberry.

an adaptation of miranda's project, 12 on the 12th.


Miranda said...

Awww! I'm sitting here reading this lovely list of a dozen things and then I see my name! I love your take on "the 12th." Thanks for the link, dear.

Stacie said...

What a lovely list of 12. I've not had the apple cinnamon cheerios in a long time. I think you're on to something. :)

Hannah said...

I think that is what spouses are for. Pep talks. We seems to take turns doing that in our household.

Am dying to try your candle and lotion recommendations. Onto the wishlist they go. I can always count on your recommendations being superb.

marta said...

thank you, ladies. @stacie, you're in for a treat. fyi. these new cheerios are cinnamon burst (not the apple cinnamon version). new and improved and seriously delicious.

Anonymous said...

Husbands are great for pick me ups when we need them. Seems like when they are in the profession they are in, the have a whole new take on some of the things that happen.

Love your list of the 12 things. Will add the lotion and candle to my wish list.

So grateful for your little family. You are a blessing to our family.

Michelle @ Twig said...

marta, just have to say yay on going with bangs! i'm such a bang lover and i'm super excited to see yours. don't they make you feel so young and hip?!

Sarah said...

Love the take on the 12 on 12th. Can't wait to see the bangs.
... now I need some chocolate milk.

summer said...

so, i need to try those cheerios. and i LOVE leftover chocolate milk-- it's my favorite kind!! because you know i never buy a whole jug just for myself:) and i am dreaming of an electric blanket for my own bed.. if only to turn it on about an hour before we climb in, and turn it off as soon as i'm under it.

loved the dozen, mart.
happy day to you!

{natalie} said...

My husband gave me a pep talk this morning, exactly what I needed to hear from someone else. Good thing for husbands.

Ps do you have a recipe for the cinnamon oatmeal cookies you talked about in your freezer meal post? I can't stop thinking of them

hoopty doopty said...

i love lists and it just goes to show that photos are not always needed. words are very powerful all on their own and i needed to be reminded of that. thanks for the encouragement w/ your list of 12. always enjoy what you share. clever girl you are! X

Grabbing My Happy said...

Did someone say "chocolate milk"?!

And YAY for having a hubby that could be a motivational speaker! You're a lucky lady. :)

Sarah said...

I saw those cinnamon Cheerios - I will have to try those! I have been a reader but never commented. Just wanted to say I so enjoy your blog :) Oh, and I cannot wait to see your bangs. I have been toying with the idea of bangs, but I am afraid to take the plunge!

Lisa said...

Do you have a recipe for the light wheat bread you mentioned? I have been wanting to try baking some bread for sandwiches, but need a great recipe! Thanks!

p.s. Love your blog by the way!!

Courtney Walsh said...

Hi Marta,

I just found your blog tonight. What a huge inspiring place for me to explore!! :)

I wanted to say hi and also tell you I am also embracing the bangs. I cut them every time and hate them for seven straight days and then suddenly I kinda love them. I bet yours are cute! :)

Cassie said...

I have been joining in with 12 on the 12th for a while and love your take on the project.

Can't wait to see the 'new you' - be brave and give us a peek!

meg duerksen said...

that list makes me happy too.
makes me think of stuff i am happy about too. :)
love your blog marta.
it's fun!

Abby said...

Love this list!

Relyn Lawson said...

I love your dozen happy things.

Voluspa Candles said...

You have a great list here. I sure love illume body butter in yuzu mint.

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