06 January 2011

blog-a-thon brainstorm.

what is a blog for if not a modern diary for the details of your days, the thoughts in your mind, the dreams in your heart, the goals you have set, the photos that illustrate who you are, the person you inspire to be, the documentation of the right now.

as i've previously mentioned, in exactly two weeks i'll be sitting on a panel with nie nie and karey at ALT summit. i can hardly believe i get to (literally) rub elbows with these gals. i am super excited to meet them and give the audience all our fantastic tips on the subject. we'll be discussing the ins and outs of blogging personal stories. i am so glad this conference is giving a nod to those of us who blog just for the love of it, no ulterior motives. yay.

i realize my blog takes on multiple personalities at times, but thanks to your awesome feedback (i love your comments and take them to heart!), i realize that the real nitty gritty stuff aka the personal stuff is usually your favorite. and my favorite too. writing (and, in this case, blogging) personal stories takes the most effort; it takes guts. it leaves you vulnerable and shaky at times. it's not easy to be bold and brave and tell what you've been through, what you're going through, what you think about this and that or what your dreams for the future hold. it takes a special kind of confidence and a tinge of talent (that i believe everyone already has).

now for our brainstorm session. for any of you attending our panel at ALT or those of you who are simply wanting to brush up on blogging life stories, what kinds of topics would you like us to touch on? do you have any specific questions for us? after it all goes down, i'll share the details, tips and insights right here. (p.s. thank you for helping me with my homework.)

mini catch-up session.
my resolutions are whirling, i promise to write them down (and share) soon.
i am battling a cold at the moment, thank goodness benji is over it.
our tree is still glimmering tonight. this small tree gave us our money's worth!
benj is now eating cereal with milk and spoon, like a big kid. i can't get over it.
i have plans to make wintery paper snowflakes tomorrow.
i may be cutting bangs this weekend. oooh la la. thanks for the pep talk.

images via tumblr. original sources unknown.


Melissa said...

I would love tips on how to make one's blog more interesting if all you do with it is journal your life. I try to be a little witty and speak as I would in person, but I don't think it's enough. I admire others who have a "flair" to their personal stories. I feel like I use the word "I" or "we" too much. Oh to wax philosophical and still have it be my personal family journal! That would be divine.

Hannah said...

So glad you will be sharing with those of us who can't make it. I'm sure your class will be a hoping one!

Love that first picture. You are the queen of individuality.

Travelin'Oma said...

How do you tell personal stories without mentioning some of the people who read your blog? How do you share your dreams without sounding whiny about your reality? How do you talk about problems without complaining? How do you talk about blessings without sounding obnoxious?

hoopty doopty said...

love these images and the whole idea of writing one's own story and being true to self. that's always the key to authenticity.

*that third image is a bit risqué, non?

Amanda said...

I love the images! Make me want to go write RIGHT NOW!

Also, I hope you get bangs and I hope you show us pictures!

Wendy said...

I'm apprehensive and excited about going to Alt. Can't wait to hear what you have to teach me!

marni zarr said...

this looks amazing! i'm going next year. there, i said it. :)
have a fantastic time. how exciting to be a speaker and i look forward to hearing what you have to share.

Carly said...

I loved your mom's questions: How do you talk about problems without complaining? How do you talk about blessings without sounding obnoxious?

I have recently realized how brave it is for people to be able to write about the nitty gritty and raw, personal details of every day life. So way to go, what a brave person you are to write about the "real" stuff!

emily said...

hi. you don't know me. i'm here to talk about bangs. do it! cut those bangs! i did it last march thinking i'd start growing them out immediately and they're still here. i love them. tip: start higher up on your head than you think. good luck!

polly said...

love this post! love the images. was your photographer by any chance "kramer"?

Cassie said...

Looking forward to hearing all about it when you return and hope you feel right as rain soon.

A big thank you too for your lovely birthday message yesterday.

Have a great weekend.

Maura said...

I literally just stumbled upon your blog, read your first paragraph and immediately followed you before even finishing the post! I adore the pictures and love that you completely captured how I feel about blogging!

the price report said...

thanks for blogging about the personal stuff. it makes this blogland more real. i also like travelin' oma's questions!

Erinn said...

i just adore your blog and am a devoted reader! (i really should comment more!) i can't wait to hear your thoughts about this exact subject, for a few months now i've been wanting to post about a specific struggle in my life, but haven't for fear of people thinking i am looking for their pity. when it's just the opposite, i want to help other friends who may have the same struggle. i think it's so refreshing to read blogs that are real. but at the same time i don't want to come across as debbie downer or "poor me" either.

even though i'm not looking to have tons of people read my blog, i'd still like to know how to share my story with my family and friends.

thanks, marta!! keep up the fabulous blog!

Jen said...

so i'm a little jealous of this ALT summit and the topic you are discussing! as you can see from my blog - that's what we talk about, our life. what an amazing conference this sounds like - too bad I'm in montreal! maybe i should set up a fund jar on the counter for next year!! can't wait to hear about all the tips and secrets!! jealous as well of the company you are keeping - some of my faves!! good luck!

Carla said...

So wish I were going to ALT. I'm putting it on my list for 2012 =) I'm just getting back to my blog & the roots of what I want to write about and it's just that - life. I'd love to know how to find other bloggers who focus on the same thing - like yourself. How do you create a flow to your posts when you're sharing the everyday & sometimes there is no flow to the everyday? I look forward to what's to come from this great meeting =)

Sarah said...

Oh, I wish you could hear you ladies talk, especially on the subject of using a blog as a journal-like record; truly, that is what mine is...

and speaking of my blog. thank you for coming by to visit, i was truly flattered. to be honest, i can tell from your blog that you are quite sincere and genuine. not many big-name bloggers take the time out of their days to comment on others' blogs. it was kind of you.


summer said...

first and foremost: feel better soon, my friend!! i know how a cold can bring a girl down hard. we really don't give them enough credit. ("oh, it's just a cold." what?! not in my experience.)

secondly, i wish i could be there to see you live and starring in your very own story. if i were going to be there, i would love to hear a snippet on finding a happy balance between blogging your heart out and maintaining a pleasant privacy. such a tough one sometimes.

love the photos for this post. so apropos. it makes me want to dig up an old spiral notebook for the evening.

woohoo for benji and the big-boy breakfast!!

Sophie said...

this is sophie. your niece. hello. So I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE. i need to meet Mondo somehow without paying for the alt convention(its a tad out of my budget.) BUT ITS MANDATORY SOOO MUCH. PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU THINK YOU CAN HELP. IF NOT THATS OK. THERE ARE OTHER WAYS. THANKS . BYE . GOOD LUCK AT THE CONVENTION.

Sasha Holloway said...

One thing I do and have always done and have received back lash at times from women in this crafty industry because they feel it is not a good representation then I have the good feedback from women who understand and can relate to my past and years of molestation and abuse. Thank you I will continue to be real to me and continue to heal through talking. I journal daily already but never really on my blog as I would like a bout the rapes and stuff but I am getting better at putting it out there .. I spent years in the Air Force telling my troops to be true to who they are, leave their own mark and not someone else's and here I am or was afraid to make indentations myself .. thank you for always being real on yours. I read and never comment .. but that is going to change.


The Single Nester said...

That quote made me want to cry. For years, I have allowed other people to determine my destiny or hinder my plans. No more. I hold the pen (starting today).

Anonymous said...

Marta! I'm a girl from Dallas, TX and just won a free ticket Alt Summit (cannot tell you how stoked and grateful I'm feeling). I am so thankful for this session and thoroughly enjoy posting personal posts, but feel conflicted about

1)how much do I share and
2)how many details are too many?

I won't lie...I'm conflicted between your session and another one at your time slot....AHH! At the very least I hope I will have the esteemed opportunity to meet you!

Unknown said...

Ahhh, I just adore you blog! I'm a new follower and very much look forward to seeing your future posts! xxx

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