03 February 2011

february dollar downloads

use my hanging heart template to print out perfect hearts onto scrapbook paper or trace onto fabric for your valentining projects (five hearts per sheet). for pretty hanging heart strings, cut out hearts and attach to varying lengths of fishing line. hang a dozen or more and admire.

a scratchpad calendar for all your very important things; girls night out, dinner dates, plan your outfits, jot favorite quotes or schedule blog posts.

download dollar download pdf. files here.
• hanging heart template
• february scratchpad calendar

please consider my copyright, remember to use these designs for personal use only. thank you.


Sarah said...

Thanks for the February dollar download. I hang this calendar in my classroom and write-in daily assignments. The kids (ur, eleventh graders) are very curious about who writes out the title of the month. They were asking last week if I was going to put up a February calendar already. LOL.

Hil said...

So cute Marta!! Love them both.

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