16 February 2011

listen up / twitter co-founder on npr

if i twittered, i would have sent out a tweet inbetween dropping off whitney's birthday package at the post office and picking up stir fry ingredients at the store. listen up to npr.

biz stone, co-founder of twitter was featured on fresh air this morning. i found the interview interesting (and i don't even twitter). he put the rumor to bed about google buying twitter and seems like a very laid back cool guy / billionaire. yay for the entrepreneurs among us. i especially enjoyed hearing his answer about his favorite tweet yet...

"Obama tweeted that he had won the presidency. And that was just a mind-blowing thing because it was this historic presidential election, and here we had the man himself tweeting and acknowledging it. And for us, that was just a big acknowledgment of our work." - Biz Stone

listen to it here and take note of what he says about bird formations (now i get the whole bird/tweet thing) and his thoughts on information overload (i liked the idea of dumping unread emails).

image via fortheloveofgeeks.com


sarah said...

love how the president tweeting about winning the presidency made the twitter powerhouse realize it was FOR REAL. FOR REAL. FOR REAL.

Katie said...

Did you know that there is a @martawrites on twitter?

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