15 February 2011

lovebirds / answers + winners

hello loves. how was your valentine's day? thanks to everyone who played along with my movie lovers trivia game. i especially enjoyed hearing your favorite flicks, memorized quotes and disapprovals too. (how dare i mix Bella & Edward with Carey Grant and Grace Kelly?!) Deb and Napolean Dynamite woulda made the list if only i could've found a decent sized image of them! a few of you left some other good suggestions: Hermoine & Ron from Harry Potter, Peter & Regina from Charade, Nickie & Ms. McKay from An Affair to Remember. who else did i miss?

the mini diary winners are cara, amanda and chiara. congratulations. special honors to christina jarvis who had the most thorough lovers list (complete with quotes too)!

the lovebirds list.

  • Rhett Butler & Scarlet O'Hara / Gone with the Wind / Vivien Leigh & Clark Gable
  • Dan & Marie / Dan in Real Life / Steve Carell & Juliette Binoche
  • Jan Morrow & Brad Allen / Pillow Talk / Rock Hudson & Doris Day
  • Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth Bennett / Pride & Prejudice / Matthew & Kiera Knightly
  • Harry & Sally / When Harry Met Sally / Meg Ryan & Billy Crystal
  • Baby & Johnny / Dirty Dancing / Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey
  • Mr. Big & Carrie Bradshaw / Sex and The City / Chris Noth & SJP
  • photo shoot with annie leibovitz for vogue magazine 2008
  • Edward & Vivian / Pretty Woman / Richard Gere & Julia Roberts
  • Satine & Christian / Moulin Rouge / Nicole Kidman & Ewan McGregor
  • Johnny Cash & June Carter / Walk the Line / Joaquin Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon
  • Katie and Hubbell / The Way We Were / Barbara Streisand & Robert Redford
  • Princess Anne and Joe / Roman Holiday / Audrey Hepburn & Gregory Peck
  • Joe Fox & Kathleen Kelly / You've Got Mail / Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks
  • Julia & Paul Childs / Julie & Julia / Stanley Tucci & Meryl Streep
  • Romeo & Juliet / Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet / Leonardo DiCaprio & Claire Danes
  • Francis and John / To Catch A Thief / Cary Grant & Grace Kelly
  • Edward Cullen & Bella Swan / Twilight /  Robert Pattison & Kristen Stewart

images via celebrity movie websites, respectively. 
mel ferrer and audrey hepburn above. so darling.


Cat said...

how about Harold and Maude?

Unknown said...

Sorry, but I never saw the appeal of "Pretty Woman". I mean, she's a prostitute. Like he won't be throwing that in her face every time they get in a fight!

lindsay crews said...

Rick Blain and Ilsa Lund? You can't forget "Casablanca".

kh said...

that pic of noth and sjp is stunning! i enjoyed watching that show for her outfits and shoes. (living vicariously!)

Hannah said...

Casablaca is a favorite over here as well.

North and South is one of my favorite movies of.all.time. You must see it if you haven't already.

kylee said...

an affair to remember is one of my all time favorite movies. it's beyond beautiful.

Cat said...

I must add Out of africa and The english patient.

summer said...

this image. wow.
completely perf, mart.

mich said...

i'm so, so happy you included bella & edward. swoooooon.

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