07 February 2011

my wild cleaning project spills over & other midnight ramblings

hello again. i hope you had a lovely weekend. i'm still weekend-ing since i am knee deep in random goods (and bads) from my friday night project: project closet clean-out. don't you love when friday night projects have a mind of their own?! i told dan last night that it looks like we are moving and taking only the lame stuff. however, i am happy to report that my closets have clear bins (properly labeled) inside of them. i couldn't be more thrilled! my shoes can breathe again and i have a place for year-round holiday items. i even organized my too-cute-to-toss gift bags by size. this kind of organization is big for an apartment dweller, you have to be ever so clever about in-house storage space.

on another note. i was amazed how the all-encompassing message at ALT kept coming to me loud and clear. it didn't surprise me. the secret of blogging is all about content. great blog content! fresh content! new and insanely wonderful content. lovely, beautiful, inspiring, humorous content! raw content that speaks with your own unique voice! keep it new / keep it fun / keep it real. this whole idea has given me pause. i tend to agree with it. however i wonder what people (in general) consider fresh. how can content be considered fresh if its been borrowed once or twice in blogland? i'm not so sure if that falls under fresh content. however, that doesn't make me love those types of blogs any less. i love knowing what's hip and trendy and making it's way around blog-land, because usually it's super cool. there is definitely some fun in knowing what's floating around. can someone be bothered by someone re-posting her post if her own original post was already re-posted? is blog content only fresh if the photos were snapped by the author and the words straight from her own heart? does it count as fresh if you've taken someone's idea and then recreated it for yourself? what about do-it-yourselves? can those still be fresh even though everyone else is making those same crafty holiday wreaths too?

hmmm. thoughts to discuss. do tell..
what pulls you into a blog? photos / words / similarity to you / artsy images / real life stories?
what makes you subscribe? what does fresh content mean to you? what are your favorites?


Tameeka said...

Hi Marta
I got my closest all cleared out this weekend too! It was very refreshing and helpful to know what I had!
On the blog thing...I only follow about 30 blogs via Bloglovin. I used to have them all (about 50) tabbed and bookmarked on my ie. Which of course took me forever.....
I have since had a big clean out and reduced the list down to the 30. :)
In the way of making me comeback/become a follower? For me I think it is the way I relate to the blog, the words that make me think. Fresh content to me is when a blog make me think, see or want to do something a little bit different to how I may have already been doing something or give me a new idea all together.
Sorry about the long comment.
Meeka xox

Kerry McKibbins said...

I got the bright idea to clean out and organize my kitchen pantry this weekend. Saturday morning, I was off to Bed Bath and Beyond picked up $200 worth of canisters and bins, got home, started and......ran out of gas. I ended up stuffing everything back in the pantry.
I'll try again this weekend. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I have to do the same :) My tastes are changing and being refined daily. I really should use files in my reader. I suppose I look for consistent content. Positive authentic content - not always positive stories (does that make sense?) Celebrations of imperfection. Sorry, rambling, it's early! LOVE yours. Lots of neat stuff - and always consistently engaging and real.

Anonymous said...


I like to go through my reader every once in a while and clean house. It's too easy to add a subscriotion to reader so I like to weed through the blogs I read and clean out the ones that aren't my fav. anymore.

I love blogs like yours that have a good mix of content. Love your "am a fan" posts, the ones about your life in Idaho with your boys, your girly posts, your crafty posts, your recipes, etc. LOVE it all.

I like it when people post their own pictures but I don't mind if they occasionally mix in other images too.

I think I definitely go through phases of certain types of blog I like. Sometimes I like to read a lot of crafty blogs and then I may swicth to mostly home decor blogs. Typically I have a little of everything in my reader. LOVE the idea of using the folders for different blog categories. Will have to try that out!

Anonymous said...


I like to go through my reader every once in a while and clean house. It's too easy to add a subscriotion to reader so I like to weed through the blogs I read and clean out the ones that aren't my fav. anymore.

I love blogs like yours that have a good mix of content. Love your "am a fan" posts, the ones about your life in Idaho with your boys, your girly posts, your crafty posts, your recipes, etc. LOVE it all.

I like it when people post their own pictures but I don't mind if they occasionally mix in other images too.

I think I definitely go through phases of certain types of blog I like. Sometimes I like to read a lot of crafty blogs and then I may swicth to mostly home decor blogs. Typically I have a little of everything in my reader. LOVE the idea of using the folders for different blog categories. Will have to try that out!

Liz said...

Oh google reader. It seems SO easy to just add another beautiful blog. Then I realize I am overwhelmed and am reading things that don't really interest me.

To me blogs are all about relatability and inspiration. I find that they can be a healthy source of inspiration and encouragement where needed. Thus, I like to keep my google reader at around 40 blogs. Easier said than done sometimes :)

Yay for cleaning out closets! I may just have to follow suit and do mine this weekend.

kristiina said...

personally, i keep coming back to a blog if i feel connected to the writer--i think that happens when she is true to herself and open/transparent. Don't get me wrong--I get that you can't share EVERYTHING, but when I feel like it's a personal 'voice' (like you're sharing w/a girlfriend), I feel more connected. Plus, I like the variety offered here--and daily posts keep me coming back. (I just discovered you a few weeks ago and am so happy to have added you to my list!) I don't expect fresh!new!cuttingedge!! every day--we live regular lives and finding the beauty in the ordinary is comforting and inspiring :)

Thanks for being you and taking the time to share with us--I know how time consuming it is to do a blog post :)

Raejean said...

Congratulations on your closet. It's so nice when your home loses weight!

I follow blogs that have ideas I want to refer to again. I admit, I have one blog I follow that I scroll through most of the time. I save it because every blue moon it has something valuable.

Thanks for inspiring a clean up!

A Place to Reside said...

I also just completed a new-year-new-beginning cleaning of my RSS reader, and it really surprised me how relieved I felt afterwards.

I gravitate to blogs much like I gravitate to books. What I enjoy is dependent on how I'm feeling. I used to read almost exclusively food blogs, but now I feel like trying new things and so have been checking out other creative blogs. However, also like books, a strong character can carry me through all sorts of scenarios, so I always like blogs that have a distinctive personality, writing-style and aesthetic.

This is why I like your blog. It has great personality.

ashley sullivan said...

i was so interetsed to see what people had to say on this topic. i read through the comments here and tend to agree with those who said they identify with bloggers who blog honestly and straightforward. as mentioned above, it is relatively impossible to come up with something fresh&new everyday, so finding beauty in the mundane is where the creativity comes in. i, too, jump around in terms of which type of blogs i prefer: lately it's ones who post their own images, are creative and thrifty and fun.

Christine said...

My Google Reader needs weeding through too. I mostly follow blogs with original content, meanings ones that share personal stories and photos and creations, but I definitely follow a handful of great blogs that tend to re-post things found elsewhere. It's a good blend and I like seeing what trends are making the blog rounds. There are a few blogs that I don't read regularly, but when I have an extra moment will catch up on.

joy said...

Google reader does make it so easy to have a blog addiction! I keep newish blogs in my bookmark folder for a while to try them out--usually if a blog is in my reader--it's there to stay! I have reader set up into categories that are my "interests" like crafting, design inspiration, family/parenting, and cooking. I like ones that read like a good friend.

Hannah said...

I subscribe to about 30 friend and family blogs...and about that many lifstyle/design/health/cooking blogs. It is a bit much sometime. I try to keep my list under 75. I am more of a blog skimmer, so I can go through google reader in minutes. (I need to find time to read more...)

Miranda said...

Bravo on the rss clean-out. I desperately need to do the same.

I cleaned out my closet about a year ago and there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY we would fit our clothes into our current teeny-tiny (seriously, it's so small) closet if I hadn't. Clever in-house storage extends to the home-owner if you happen to buy a tiny house. :)

About fresh content, I have the exact same thoughts! Sometime I wonder if anything can be new! There have been times when I'm working on a post/project that I think I have never seen before. Then, two days before my post goes live, somebody else will post something so similar! I know I didn't get the idea from the other person but did we both glean the inspiration from somewhere else? So I try to tell myself that my readers want to see what I'm doing and probably haven't seen that other project. I'm not sure what else to do!

okay. that's about enough of this comment.

Jill said...

i've learned to treat my reader like everything else in life and apply my motto of "less is more." for me, it's quality over quantity. i'll admit, there was a time when i had far too many subscriptions and all it ended up doing was adding stress. that BOLD unread items number always felt like one more thing i wasn't getting done. that being said, i did a thorough purging and was left with less than two dozen of my very favorites.

my criteria: uplifting, authentic, original. basically, i want to read blogs that inspire me to be my best self. i'm learning not to compare myself to others because we all have different skills and talents. we ALL have something beautiful to offer the world. the important thing is to share the real you. quirks, faults and all. honesty is refreshing and it's nice to know we ALL make mistakes. the goal is always to improve and keep trying. the goal should not be perfection...because we ALL know that's never gonna happen!

i love reading your blog, marta...thank you for sharing your life with us!

Hannah said...

Also, I wanted to add my two cents on content. The blogs I enjoy most are personal. Where I get a peek into the lives of people I admire. I read every word you, Hilary and Miranda and a few others write because you are real. Your pictures are your own. Your words are your own. I love that.

I don't read a lot of other blog types. Pretty pictures can be skimmed. Reposted posts aren't usually my cup-o-tea. Blogs that are catalogs of gorgeous-but-too-expensive products temp me, but are always weeded out. I only subscribe to blogs that are applicable and worthwhile to me. (I love reading magazines, so I don't generally read design blogs: I find the same content in a medium I enjoy more. One that disconnects me from the computer.) I try to be discerning and only read uplifting blogs.

Hil said...

Love your thoughts on blog content. To me, if I see someone who has posted something similar (if not the exact same thing) on their own blog without giving recognition to the original author... that's just plain plagiarism that you first learn not to do in elementary and jr. high. It shows a lack of originality on the authors part, causing me to wonder who they really are.

However, if you are giving props to the orignal author and linking to their site, only to say "Hey, I thought this was pretty cool, check it out" then there is no problem at all. I actually appreciate it when people do that (i.e. your am a fan posts... some of my favorites) because they introduce me to new things that I haven't seen on my own blog surfing time.

Vanessa Rae said...

I read Marta Writes everyday during the week and I love it. Over the years you have stayed true to yourself and your story which makes me feel like I am catching up on a far away friend, that's the connection I'm looking for.

Our Reader looks very similar! I am a folders girls all the way, mine are labeled "the story tellers", "eye candy", "the photographers", "the creatives", "the foodies" and even "the mommas". So depending on the mood is where I head first. When I need a little heartfelt momma boost I know that if I click on Marta Writes I will be inspired to love my family with all my heart and make creativity a priority in my life as well. Both make me so happy!

As always, thank you for sharing yourself with us! Have a great week.

MT @ What There's Time For said...

I recently cleared out my Reader and now have a tad under 50 subscriptions. Some of them are on specific topics I care about, but my favorites are the personal blogs (like yours) where I have gotten to feel like I know (and like) the author. Often they do have similarities to me in the age of their children and their outside interests, but not always.

The ones I cut from my list were ones I'd recently added because they were recommended, but I realized that they often left me feeling grumpy or small after I read them.

Congratulations on the closet clean out!

Unknown said...

I clean out my reader all the time :) It's liberating! One thing I've noticed lately is that a lot of "style" blogs just post things that other people do. I think that's pretty lame... I end up seeing the same idea 50 times. I'm in the market for fresh content right now :)

I can't live without pinterest, if you're not on there... go! It is THE BEST way to keep a visual log of great things. I love it.

Also, if you want another great blog:

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe how many blogs people manage to keep up with! I can't stick with more than 25 in my reader as an absolute maximum (and still I skim plenty of those). There was a time I followed many, many more blogs, but I realized I was committing far too much of my time and my day to strangers' lives instead of investing in and inventing my own.

As for "fresh" content, I find that I now only read blogs with completely original writing. I no longer have interest in blogs that simply post pretty things. Those blogs can be inspirational eye candy, yes, and sometimes we all need that pick-me-up, but really, I came to realize that ultimately, thpse blogs are just about coveting and buying things. Consumption.

So, long story short, I'm now just drawn to story-telling--blogs that aren't first and foremeost trying to sell me something. I am so turned off my blogs with ads at this point because it's always so obvious that advertising alters the content. I've watched it happen over and over...once the ads come in, that blog I once liked becomes just like all the other blogs. I really appreciate that your blog is ad-free, Marta, and I hope it always stays that way.

And congrats on cleaning your closet, Marta! :-) Best feeling in the world, I swear!

Anonymous said...

Gah! typos! Sorry ;-)

Unknown said...

I don't actually read the words to very many blogs. mackink.blogspot.com because it's hilarious, and yours because we live near each other so I wonder if you're going to refer to something I know.
Pictures mostly draw me to a blog. I like blogs about crafts, fashion, & food, mostly. I had a few different blogs I wrote on but have recently just combined my family blog and everything else, I find that much more enjoyable.

Ginnie said...

I try to stay away from blogs that make me feel bad about myself... the blogs that give me blog envy. Those are usually the blogs filled with fluff and not much else.

I want the good, and the bad along with the funny and the real. Give me the meat, i say. :)

Jen said...

What pulls me into a blog is first the beautiful pictures, but the reason I keep coming back is for the inspiration. I'm drawn to blogs where people share who they are- they live life beautifully in some way. I only read 4 or 5 blogs, otherwise I'd never get anything done in my own little world. Your blog was the first one I ever connected with. I love your writing style and your love for family.

Unknown said...

I hate when I have to mark all as read, but it does feel so much better! :)

Jake said...

I am saving all my closet clean out for March!! You'll help me, right? Can't wait!

Cassie said...

You are the second lady today I have read about who is being super ruthless in cleaning closets - it must be catching!

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog last night - I consider you my celebrity blogger!! hee hee

I would say that I am drawn to a blog whose voice is relaxed. I was surprised to find that I have made so many friends through blogging as it didn't cross my mind when I first started. So if I find a new blog and feel like I could sit down and have a coffee with that person then I am soon hooked. I hope that makes sense.

Good luck with the rest of your purging.

Connie said...

I'm relatively new to the blogging about craft/art/projects and I was really interested in your post about content. I've been a total coward when it came to starting a blog and one of my "excuses" was research. So I have hundreds of blogs in my feed.

Like everyone else, it depends on my mood, but I have a good mix of life, inspiration, photo, DIY, and desgin blogs. I skim through things that I'm not in the mood for.

I completely understand what one commenter said about getting ready to write about a subject or post and project only to have someone else beat you to it!

Thanks for bringing up such an interesting topic!

Rachel said...

Ha! I currently have 150 subscriptions and they're all organized in folders like yours! I also have a "testing" folder, where I'll put new blogs that I'm not yet sure I'll be able to commit to. Obsessive, much?

I'm always so curious about what draws people. I subscribe to a mix of blogs - curatorial (very few, because otherwise you end up seeing the same things over and over as everyone re-posts), FOOD! (good recipes, great photos), crafting (looking for useful projects, beautiful pictures), narrative (looking for beautiful writing, experiences that strike a chord with me) aspirational (lives that I love and draw inspiration from, usually with good pictures and some approachability) and funny (um, looking for humor).

Rachel said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention one of the most critical things - if blogs cut off how much of the post you can see in Google Reader, I never end up following them. Because I put them in my testing folder, but then I can't see the posts, so I never get attached. I will click over for blogs I'm already attached to (like Orangette), but not for ones I'm not yet familiar with. So I've ended up unfollowing lots of people who I probably would have learned to love. Sad. But I don't have time to click over for every post.

Lynley Jill said...

I've also been thinking about this subject quite a bit recently. There are so many fantastic design blogs that draw me in, but I'm finding that a lot of them just share the same images over and over again without any original content. I recently discovered your blog and have found it refreshing and inspiring! Thank you!!

Sarah said...

As far as subscribing to blogs -- my feed is full of whatever strikes my fancy at the moment. Sometimes the title of a blog catches me, sometimes a post alone makes me happy. Mostly inspirational things, catch my attention, me thinks.

As for what I choose to publish on my own blog, I must admit that when I start to worry about posting things that I think people will want to read, I lose the heart of my blog. At the end of the day, my blog home is for me, not for anyone else. Do I want people to read it, YES. Can I do anything else but be myself to get them there? No. My main motivation is me, myself and I. ...What things will I enjoy looking back on ten years from now? Tiny moments. Daily tasks given meaning. Joy that was in my my life -- joy that is my life.

If I get caught up in publishing only fresh and exciting and worry about what the rest of the universe is doing, then I might just never find that what I do is good enough. Someone will have always thought it first, captured it first, wrote it first. I can only be myself. And at the end of the day, that is all that matters to me.

Alix said...

The blogs I HAVE to keep up with are the ones in which there is personal, fresh, content....yes I love the eye candy blogs of beautiful photos (interiors, food, crafts, etc) but the ones I MUST keep up with are the people who are sharing themselves...

Similarly....my favorite panel at alt was the one which you participated in which this very subject was hashed out...

Courtney Walsh said...

I've asked this question on my blog before too and the overwhelming response was a mix of content (even though everyone I've heard talk about blogging says you should focus the content to one topic in order to build readership.) I am curious how to keep things fresh and why some blogs take off when others don't.

For me, I like a mix of topics. I don't like a ton of "borrowed" topics or photos. I like short-ish entries, lots of (inspiring) photos... Just a little bit of everything really.

And limited spelling/grammatical errors are always a plus. LOL. (I'm an editor so I guess that's a pet peeve! Even a bigger one when I make them myself!) :)

Bri {collected} said...

You know, I've been thinking about the same thing since Alt. What makes something fresh? How do I deliver fresh material? And all this talk about finding a niche had me a little worried for a bit too. Then I remembered that most of the blogs I love post a little bit of everything. As long as I feel inspired, I like them!

Jaimie said...

I've had to do that with my reader before.. a few times.. always makes me sad but I have learned to let go.

As far as "fresh" content.. I'm not sure. I tend to dislike blogs that just post pictures of stuff without any commentary. I tend to like real stories and people who are TRYING to be original. I like a blogger who blogs the way they want to without worrying how others are doing it. It's hard to say what draws me in. I don't usually subscribe to or even read a blog that doesn't look nice from the get-go. I also won't subscribe if I'm not interested in at least a few posts on your first couple pages of posts. I think "fresh" depends on who you ask, ya know?

Melissa said...

I need a closet clean out plan. Maintaining the organization seems to be my downfall. Congratulations on the cleanout.

I blog to journal our family life and my own light-bulb moments or things I want to leave for my girls to read years from now (thoughts, ideas, etc.). I don't know if my blog is interesting at all to anyone else, but it brings me joy.

I follow mostly friends blogs, or blogs of someone whose work I have read and admired (Segullah and some of it's authors, Bloom, NieNie). I am usually drawn to the deeper thinking moments that people have, and to the witting writing of some of these gals. I usually only follow blogs that speak to me if that doesn't sound too weird. If a blog brings me joy for whatever reason, I will add it to my list. Over time, I have refined my list.

You are amazing Marta, and you do inspire me. I am so glad I happened to spy your name on Bloom. ;)

Ashley said...

I so need to clean up my google reader as well.

I am drawn to blogs where the writing is good (like yours), where the photography is good, or where I feel inspired. I also enjoy good recipe blogs.

Some of my all-time favorites:

http://karenrussell.typepad.com/my_lifejust_not_on_the_ro/ (good writing - I love how down to earth she is - + beautiful photography)

http://www.beckyhiggins.com/blog/ (lots of inspiration here)

http://rebeccacooper.blogspot.com/ (beautiful photography + inspiration)

http://kellymccaleb.typepad.com/ (I admire Kelly and feel inspired by her)

http://lovelypraiseworthy.blogspot.com/ (Inspiring. I love the concept behind this blog.)

http://www.stephmodo.com/ (Inspiration)

http://aliedwards.com/ (Inspiration)

http://cathyzielske.typepad.com/ (Inspiration)

There are so many recipe blogs that I love. One of my favorites is this one:


summer said...

ahhhh! how i loved this post, mart. of course, i had to read the comment box as well.. so much goodness there, too! wow. i have to agree, someone mentioned earlier that they are pulled into blogs where they feel a connection to the author. that is totally me, too. if i can relate to, or even just admire, the person behind the blog (which means that they are sharing at least little bits and pieces from their own life), chances are much better that i will become a full-time reader. pretty photos and a clean space always help, too:) oh, and i have to have just a small handful of the hip & trendy blogs, too. it's fun to feel in the loop.

on the subject of google reader, it's quality over quantity for me. most definitely. i force myself to play favorites and decide what i could strip away without feeling like i'm missing out. it's becoming easier and easier with every "clean-out" i do, so hooray for that. if i can make a habit of skimming down instead of piling up, i'll be a happy girl. and that way, there's always a little wiggle room for new subscriptions. because you know there's always going to be a new blog to stumble on.

Christina said...

It's the real life stories hands down that pull me in. We're all human, and it's so refreshing to connect with others on that level. And to me, that's always fresh. Lovin' your blog as always, Marta!

gina bina said...

Great post! Recently I saw that someone pulled some words from my blog, tweaked them ever so slighted and put them on their blog. I have to be honest, I did get offended. Primarily because the writing I do on my blog is personal, to me. Even though it's out there for the world to read, it's my private thoughts and creativity on the line. I love the real life aspect of blogs, what makes people tick, what inspires, etc.

tawnya said...

I don't know how many I have. I just cleaned out my reader, though. Purged and reorganized. I'm a big fan of the "try out" folder for new blogs before they do in the reader.

I love tone. I'm big on stories and being real. Those women who airbrush to perfection don't tend to last long in my reader at all...I just need to connect somehow.

Kayla Poole said...

authenticity! I realize that this can be interpreted and dissected in so many ways, but that's what it comes down to for me. I know I love a blog when I genuinely like and care about the author behind it.

talesofahummingbird said...

i love how much inspiration and go-get-em and be-true-to-your-roots girl power this conference has given you! thanks for sharing. always love your positive attitude and joyful take on all things in this life! my strategy, cling to a few key blogs i love and stick with it. i link up to recommended blogs whenever my MAIN blogs recommend them, and if i happen to fall deeply in love with that blog, then i try it on for awhile and see if it sticks. if i am excited to read/see what it has to say with each new post, it stays. if i find myself ho-humming about its content or it doesn't really speak to me more than 75% of the time, then its out with the old. i don't have enough time to read content that doesn't apply directly to my here and now, not to say that there isn't amazing content all over the place - i just seek out that which fuels me and my right-now needs. am always excited to read your posts. :)

♥ Dani said...

Hey Marta! I'm a huge fan of your blog and just wanted to let you know!

I have a million blogs to read as well, but I don't like to delete any of them in the hopes that one day I WILL have time to read them all. Instead, I keep one category of "favorites," the must-read blogs that are my favorite so I can at least read them when I have a spare minute.

Yours is, of course, amongst my faves!

sheena said...

There are sooooo many blogs that are just the cut and paste type, posting others content onto their own. While I enjoy looking at a few of them (I mean I do need to try and stay current:), I almost feel sorry for a lot of these girls.....I feel like they are so caught up in blogging what OTHERS are experiencing, they miss what they could be experiencing themselves. My blogs are my journals, records of what WE are doing/making/learning/experiencing, and whether it's hip or not, it's very real to me.

as always, love your little space marta:)

sunny said...

I love this post and all the comments!

I am reading this on Friday and have a free Friday night. I have decided to not waste my friday night but select and complete an organizing/decluttering project! Thanks, Marta!

As for blog content, I began the blog to have an online journal of all the pretty interiors I run across that are my style (not matchy-matchy but a lot are Scandinavian or Dutch or British - and I love a pared down, simple decor)... and found out there are readers who like the same things I do.

This is my whole-life blog. When a funny thing happens or I'm struggling with something, I'll include it on the blog. (Which reminds me, I need to write something for it soon.)

I don't have a blogging schedule or ads.... I post when I see a photo that makes me gasp...or when something happens that I need to share. For me, that keeps the content more fresh than finding something to post "just because it's Friday!".

I use Google Reader and subscribe to 223 blogs. *sigh* that's a lot. I use folders for categories and the uncategorized ones are for blogs I'm testing out. I agree with another commenter - if I can't see the whole post in my blog reader, then I unsubscribe. I would never go read them so it was simpler to unsubscribe.

I also unsubscribe from some of the more popular ones just because I figure if something momentous happens, I'll hear about it anyway. If not, then it's okay.

I have a link on my blog to my "daily reading" link from Google Reader: http://www.google.com/reader/shared/user/02058345828572099993/label/DAILY%20BLOG%20READING

ahappygirl said...

I read blogs that make me grateful, put me in a happy mood, inspire me, motivate me to live bigger.

I blog because there are only a few other women in the world with my illness who have been able to have children. I cannot grasp that my daughter actually made it here. I blog for her. I blog to remember this time with her and not focus on my worry of having to leave her because of health issues.

Anonymous said...

These responses are so interesting! Like most people here, I like blogs that are real. I don't like to read things that make me feel depressed because I'm so lame by comparison. But I also don't like too much mess! I think we can acknowledge the negative, but still focus on the positive.

As a new blogger I've wondered if I should narrow my focus, but the truth is that we moms wear a lot of hats. Reading the responses here, I get the sense that it's okay to talk about lots of different things as long as you do it with authenticity. Which is something Marta does beautifully.

Shannon said...

Oops...didn't mean to be "anonymous" in my comment (above). It's Shannon from A Mom's Year here. Still getting the hang of all of this. :-)

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