01 April 2011

best thing i've seen all week. no joke.

victoria of a subtle revelry has launched a gorgeous online magazine, styled.
it is bursting with pretty party ideas, cheerful sprinkles and confetti.
plus a grown-up lemonade stand too!
it's the perfect thing to revel in today.

p.s. i've been hit by a mack truck cold. am planning to stay on the couch this weekend and nibble on conference trail mix. do you have any exciting plans?


Hil said...

Get feeling better! There is so much crap going around right now... good thing it's conference weekend so that we can just plant ourselves on the couch and not go anywhere. :)

p.s. your cake is sabotaging my attempts of getting these last few baby pounds off. it's too good!

Kelly said...

love the sprinkles! makes me think of ice cream...and warm weather.

feel better soon!

Sarah said...

feel better!

beautiful magazine. thanks for sharing.

Anna @ IHOD said...

I agree with you. It was by far the best thing I laid eyes on all week. I have looked at it at least three times:)
Have a wonderful weekend!

AmberLee said...

confetti anything is the best.

loved all the reads while you were away, and of course love it even more that you're back.

no fun being sick. i hope you get some quality rest and down time.

Danielle said...

Hope you're feeling better & had a relaxing weekend.

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