12 April 2011

a dozen things

01. am relying heavily on the messy knot hairdo these days (paired with allora headbands). it's my lazy girl version of this twisty updo. was wondering how to look decent and still be cozy comfy at the hospital last week. luckily you can kinda throw this together at a stoplight with a half dozen bobby pins.  p.s. did i mention that one day i ended up using a plastic fork to comb through my hair? yeah. you'd think i would have a comb in my purse. nope. monster truck stickers and smarties, yes.

02. thank you for your kind comments, your similar stories and your thoughtful words yesterday. we really appreciate the friends the internet has brought about. how blessed we feel.

03. have made a make-shift craft space on my kitchen counter. am currently waiting for letterpress prints to dry. letterpress in my own kitchen! seriously. i haven't done anything hands-on crafty for a hundred years, it seems. can't wait to tell you all about it. (a few favorite crafty spaces to dream about.)

04. am dying over these marshmallow peep and bright yellow chickie wreaths.

05. best of amy poehler on saturday night live are my kind of re-runs. in related news, i rented thoroughly modern millie from the library awhile back and made dan watch it with me. i still love the grey and yellow costumes in the tapioca scene. it was a total blast from the past. a very funny movie to be obsessed with when you are ten. i also had ferris bueller's day off memorized when i was in elementary school. 

06. benji and i took a walk to see the horses in the sunshine yesterday. hello spring!

07. stunned by these exquisite papercut invitations by naomi shiek. ooh la la.

08. thinking this is fabulously sweet. especially after watching my little boy gobble up his fruit loops every day last week in the hospital. may never look at a bowl of fruit loops the same. speaking of which, toddlers eating in bed isn't always the best idea. there was a frightening crumb happy mess after a chocolate cake was served.

09. my in-laws stopped by last weekend for a lovely quick dinner. they are so great. it was a delight to see them, in the midst of our illnesses. however i found myself quickly tidying up, bleaching my white cutting boards and wiping down my microwave. am i the only one? what do you do if guests pop in?

10. we're making these tiny towel bunnies again for activity days. a simple craft that the girls love.

11. ecstatic about two new-to-me blogs: j crew blog (tons of behind the scenes fun) and think garnish (pretty packaging and tags).

12. happiest beatles birthday party ever. every darling detail was celebrated. babymania! for suzanne's one year old twins via her new blog, shepaperie designs.

twelve on the twelfth. join in.


Anonymous said...

what kind of machine are you using to do your own letterpress? have been wanting to learn on my own!

marta said...

i use the Lifestyle Crafts Epic 6 Tool with the Letterpress Kit to letterpress at home! stay tuned, i will be doing a product review on it soon. i've loved playing around with it. perfect for note cards, business cards and dozens of other designs.

Miranda said...

I've been wearing my hair like that too lately. I can't seem to be bothered with this long hair I've managed to grow.

I've been dreaming about that letterpress machine since Ali E. mentioned it on Twitter! That must have been a couple of years ago? I can't wait to hear what you think.

Kari said...

Loved, loved Thoroughly Modern Millie as a kid. I wanted a dress with those pleats (is that what you'd call them?) from the Tapioca song. How could you ever dance to it properly without pleats like that flapping around. I hadn't realized how that yellow-combo has come back around.
Love your little hair knots--wish I could pull off quick, stylish doos, but they never quite work for me. Maybe in need dome brilliant blue flowers to make it work.
Happy to see you back . . .

Lesa said...

cute hair! I'm glad your son is doing better..

Anonymous said...

Love the hair. I've been experimenting more since seeing all the great hair tutorials on Pinterest. Thanks again for the shoutout for my wreath!

Moments and Impressions said...

I have been rocking the 3 buns too! So easy and no one believes me when I tell them so.

I so that too! I hear guests are coming and I immediately clean my tooth brush holder, the front door and oil my wood cutting board. No one probably even notices - but it makes me feel better.

Vanessa Rae said...

Marta I am so glad everyone is feeling better, just in time for days filled with sunshine! Loving the hair!

Alisha Stamper said...

MARTA! cccccuuuuuuute hair! mine is finally growing out enough from my faux hawk that I can do something like this. SO excited.

When I know company is coming I clean out the nasty in my fridge--- so that they can safely make themselves at home. :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE your pretty twists!
LOVE your lovely list of good finds!
LOVE the surprise of seeing BABYMANIA mentioned today!
LOVE that I am no longer an in the closet Marta fan! :)

Polly said...

Glad everybody is feeling better. Laughed when you mentioned modern Millie. Watched it again not long ago and fell in love all over again with everybody in it.especially muzzle... Raspberries... Gotta love everything about that movie.

Naomi Shiek said...

Thank you Martha for plugging my papercut invitations. I just found this link on google!

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