27 April 2011

review / sugar fresh prints

lindsay of sugar fresh sent me an array of pretty artwork to review. they absolutely made my day. lindsay has lined her etsy shop walls with all kinds of cheerful prints. they include modern designs, fresh hues and sweet sentiments. the prints are high quality with a flawless finish. i especially love that her prints come in an array of sizes (small enough for a desktop frame and large enough to hang over a crib). she offers customizable colors too! i like the idea of letting your child help pick their favorite piece and customizing it with their latest favorite color. mister numbers is fitting for your funny man and these graphic butterflies are every girl's dream. i can't wait to frame this one.

bonus / enter discount code MARTA to save 10% on any purchase from sugar fresh.

p.s. thank you for all the hot nyc tips yesterday. keep them coming!

i love supporting small businesses. if you have a product you think my readers would enjoy, please contact me.


Hil said...

Ooo! I love them all. What cute stuff!! I may have to put a couple of these on my wish list. :)

love.boxes said...

Darling! I love them!

Pink Little Cake said...

Oh, they are so cute.

Secret Admirer said...

What cheerful fresh designs love them!

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