19 April 2011

thank you + ten things.

thank you for your mini diary enthusiasm (and orders)!

happy things today.
shipping supplies dropped at my door. the UPS man yelling your welcome!
pulling out chocolate cake ingredients for a special delivery.
planning our own family easter egg hunt. plastic eggs!
piles of mini diaries, it seems like they are breeding.
playing mr. potato head.
picking seeds at home depot for planting. 
dan found a lunch truck selling bratwurst!
this nautical striped shirt on clearance at target.
benji recognizing target from his carseat.
zumba class tonight. am attempting a comeback.


CARLEY FAY said...

That nautical striped shirt is fantastic!
Lovely post :)

{amy k.} said...

it's funny to me that the nautical striped shirt definitely looks like "you"... yet, i don't really know you!

and it's also funny that you're little guy recognizes target... they do some fabulous branding! when my niece was teeny tiny, she knew target just from their big red symbol!

Miranda said...

I just bought that shirt in pink!

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