06 May 2011

help my friends grab the rolling stone magazine cover shot.

Fictionist, the band.

first let me introduce you to a cute couple and blog, Hue and Hum. i had the great fortune of hanging out with this her and him for fireworks one fourth of july in salt lake city. they are the kind of artsy couple you dream about becoming.

Hue is an artist. she paints, sews, and loves all things creative. she is downright adorable. Hum is a musician, he plays the lead guitar in the band Fictionist. does that name ring any bells? it might, because they are currently in a huge competition to get on the cover Rolling Stone Magazine! believe it or not, they just might win. it started with 16 bands, and they've already made it all the way to the final 4 bands. they have fantastic tunes, they are pretty nice guys, and they need your help to get on the cover! go vote for fictionist. help make their dreams come true.

it's easy. go here. click 5 stars, like them, and download 4 free songs!

Fictionist and i thank you.

p.s. good news! Fictionist is playing tonight in provo, utah. wish i were there. follow Hue and Hum along their artistic adventures and see if Fictionist makes it on the cover!


Ariel said...

I wish you were going to be there tonight as well :)

Julia Wade said...

done. what an incredible image. :) so fun!

Susan said...

Cool, I voted for them! ;)

Nessa said...

check! and thanks for the downloads... I am loving the first one so much as it plays right now.

Kayla said...

Dang, I still need to check out their music! I met one of the guys a while back while at a little Mindy Gledhill concert in downtown Salt Lake. I'm proud of them for making it big enough for Rolling Stones!

Eliza Jane said...

I gave them 5 stars :)

Caitlin said...

woot woot! thanks marta, you are lovely :)

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