16 June 2011

new mama must-haves

today i'm guest posting over on unruly things while alyson snuggles her new baby boy, wolf. (congratulations!!) she has a beautiful blog, which i've read for years now, and she recently launched a baby-devoted blog too, unruly little things. how cute is that. i've loved re-living my pregnancy through hers these past nine months. head on over to read my list of favorite supplies for welcoming a small bundle to the family.

 p.s. i'd love to hear what your favorite mama must-haves are!


Sophie Delphis said...

Well, I have no experience welcoming a new [small] member to the family, but Pushing Daisies is always a must-have!

Anna said...

Your list is AWESOME! I'm sending it to all my pregnant friends (and needing the advice myself as I'm due with first baby in August). So many great ideas, thank you!

The Tiny Team said...

YES, I like your list! We totally did the netflix thing when we realized we weren't going out as much as we were used to! HAH! We is Klean Kanteen, I think it's just like your nalgene!


Lisa Cannon said...

Funny. I was just talking to my friends about the nalgene cups. They are the BEST!

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