14 June 2011

Q+A session / playing favorites

I'd love to know, what are some of your favorite things?

favorite movie of all time: dan in real life, when harry met sally, the power of one, the devil wears prada, pride & prejudice, rear window. 

favorite quote of all time: i have so many favorite quotes but this one always sticks with me. Rise to the divinity within you. - President Gordon B. Hinckley 

favorite dessert: i thoroughly adore mint brownies, peanut butter m&m's and my mom's red velvet cake. lets just say, i rarely turn down dessert.

favorite song of all time: ain't no mountain high enough. i will never tire of that one. or anything counting crows, acoustic. or more recently, her morning elegance by oren lavie (thank you, julia for introducing it to me). coldplay, adele, ingrid, florence + the machine, showtunes, paul simon and taylor swift are always welcome in my car.

favorite restaurant: in salt lake city it would have to be the porcupine, bambara, cafe rio or cucina cafe in the avenues. in idaho falls it would have to be snake bite. in costa mesa california, it would be plum's cafe for their fabulous coconut french toast.

favorite perfume: i love Fresh lemon sugar, Flowerbomb, (and recently re-discovered) Blackberry & Vanilla by Trish McEvoy. am a huge fan of the travel friendly roll-on size. 

favorite magazines: martha stewart weddings, InStyle, O, and real simple.

favorite date night: i love simple dates; roaming barnes and noble, having chinese take-out with a soda pop, watching movies with piles of quilts. i've never been big on bowling or mini golf. though i do love watching dan roller skate. 

favorite summer makeup: laura mercier tinted moisturizer, bobbi brown long wear cream shadow in beach honey and clinique superbalm gloss in raspberry. and peppy nail polish.

favorite tv show: project runway, bethenny, ellen, jimmy kimmel and E news.    

favorite guilty pleasures: browsing an adorably over-stuffed boutique bookshop with someone like my mom, ribbon, reality tv (see above), long hot showers, pinning, laying in the sunshine, snapping pictures out the window on road trips with dan, chatting with my parents about their childhoods, singing songs with benji, baking, tossing out random items from my fridge, staying up late, wrapping gifts in baker's twine, getting my chores done early, collecting pretty sets of stationery, typing long text messages, buying movie snacks at wal-mart and stashing them in a hiding spot, lying in a bed of freshly laundered sheets, sending (or receiving) surprises in the mail.


Hannah said...

I keep hearing about that tinted moisturizer from makeup artist friends. They all swear by it! And, believe it or not, I have never tried anything by Bobbi Brown. I'm stuck in a MAC/Urban Decay/Benefit rut. Must branch out.

And, I completely agree with Dan in Real Life, Bambara and Fresh Lemon Sugar.

Loved reading your favs. You have great taste.

Anonymous said...

Loved learning more about your faves (so many in common, no surprise there though). Thanks for answering my martafacts too. I adore you!

Vanessa Rae said...

Oh Marta, I'm officially smitten with a friend:) I will have to check out Martha Stewart Weddings just for the fun of it!

Brittany said...

what a fun post! i love reading things like this and learning things about people that you don't usually know. i'll have to check out the power of one [never heard of it!] and your great music recommendations.

Moments and Impressions said...

this is so fun! love a favorites list.

Jen Holtkamp said...

love your list! we love porcupine as well (plus it's like down the street from my in-laws). and i love laura mercier tinted moisturizer too!

brooke said...

Loved this...especially that you like to toss random items from the fridge...me too!

I also love to empty to lint collector in my dryer...makes me feel productive!

{amy k.} said...

great post!

dan in real life is one of my favorites!

and i LOVE real simple magazine!

AmberLee said...

so many great favorites. i'm totally inspired by the list of date nights. soda and chinese sounds just right.

me too! on Dan in Real Life.

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