03 June 2011

a quote for friday.

image source via la dolce vita

am wishing you a beautiful weekend.

looking forward to
+ remembering how to use a pc computer.
+ uploading a few photos.
+ figuring out how to blog-away-from-home.
+ picnics at the park with whit and benji.
+ tuna fish (with chopped granny smith apples and relish)
+ jessie's baptism day. (fun to be able to go to family festivities.)
+ benji and dan mowing the lawn together.
+ planning out our summer in salt lake city.
+ more afternoons of vintage playmobile and fisher price.
+ going swimming. outside.
+ grabbing the first sno-cone of the season.


Dawn said...

lucky you left idaho for a place that has a real summer. swimming season doesn't start until like mid-july. boohoo!!

p.s. i hope you got my check before the move!!

{amy k.} said...

LOVE this quote! thanks for posting!

dragonflydreamer said...

I really love reading your blog. Best wishes on your move to Salt Lake City! I look forward to your new adventures.

Kendra said...

Love the quote!

Sounds like your going to have a fun weekend! :) I love snow cones too!

laura said...

that is a great quote. so simple, and so true.

i have to admit...i'm a little jealous you moved back to utah, near family...but SO so happy for you. hope to be doing the same myself some day.

hope you a have a great weekend!


Moments and Impressions said...

love that list... mowing the lawn together... so sweet.

chloe said...

maybe i will bump into you if you are planning on shopping the farmers market :) yea! happy summer to you and your boys!

tifsong said...


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