15 July 2011

family bonding and bieber fever.

hello hello. summer is flying by, don't you agree!!? we have been all over the place (literally) looking for houses and hanging out with the fam. this week, we are taking a break from the hunt and celebrating serious family togetherness. there is a bit of a reunion going on in honor of the big 50th anniversary. my mother-in-law has asked me to document (what i'm calling) the extravaganza, so i'll have pics to share. wishing you all a wonderful weekend. please treat yourself to a sno-cone or something extravagant and equally childlike. like the new bieber movie.

in other news.
i chopped my hair off. for better or for worse, it's super short and summery. we all got family reunion tees! am psyched about being matchy matchy. benji will be braving his first amusement park ride today. speaking of firsts, he loved cars 2. it was his first movie theater experience. i rented never say never with sophie. we slurped slurpees. loved it. swimming yesterday; jumped off the second platform. haven't done that since the sixth grade. sometimes peer pressure is a good thing. it was a total rush. (has anyone else's dare devil fearlessness turned on them with age?! i am such a wimp now. hooray for a perfect excuse to ride kiddie rides.)
image found via pinterest


Kari said...

Glad to see that you're back and that you've been having fun. I made some of your ice cream while you were gone and now I need to join a gym.
FYI . . . tossing out "I chopped my hair off" without a picture is uncaring. Please rectify.

mary elizabeth said...

yay for summer time and all the fun that comes with it!

i watched never say never a few weeks ago and am smitten... what a cute boy! and so talented.

and yes, i want to see a picture of your new do!

Nicole said...

I saw your pinterest hair pins and was wondering if you were thinking about a new 'do. :) I'd love to see it too! Have a wonderful weekend.

Cat said...

everything is very interesting but I think you forgot to include a new hairdo picture....

Miranda said...

so jumping off of high things into water really really really scares me. I remember going swimming with some friends in college and they were jumping off the high dive and they told me to do it. I actually thought to myself, "I'm an adult now. I don't have to jump off that if I don't want to." I told them "no thanks" and then went on to write an After School Special about how to deal with peer pressure.

But amusement park rides? The scarier the better.

quilter5706 said...

Hello There! I'm sure your new haircut looks great. But--you are so far away now, we need pictures.
Hope that the Benj is doing well and that you and Dan are too. Have fun with the 50th anniversary.
We miss you greatly. Love to all

Lori Cartwright said...

I also chopped my hair off, also short and summery for better or worse...pictures please?

Love from Lori C.

Marcelina Moreno said...

I agree with the others, you can't casually throw out the haircut and not give us a picture! I mean really, hello we want to see that adorable face of yours even if the haircut makes you look like one of The Beatles.

Can't wait to see the extravaganza!



Nessa said...

I can't wait to see your hair - and we all need to take the high jump sometimes. Just to remember how exhilarating it feels to fall.

gina gaitan said...

Love life god is good

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