31 July 2011

a pretty polka dot dress. / thinking about ALT 2012.

uh oh. the Boden catalogue came.

am seriously in love (obsessed) with this polka dot dress from Boden. i'd like it in every color with some cozy thick tights for wintertime. Boden brings out my greedy side. (and whenever i use the word greedy, i think of the Bernstein Bears book all about the gimme gimme's.)

perhaps it would be perfect for ALT 2012 design conference, which is another thing on my wish list. i'm still thinking about how awesome it was this year and all the ahhhmazing people i got to interact with. i really made some great friends. there is nothing else like it; networking with talented people (who get how rad blogging is) is hard to beat. i couldn't believe how easy it was to chit chat with complete strangers / cyber friends, exchange ideas and relate with their small business / crafty / bloggy / entrepreneurial goals. the conference as a whole was inspiring and motivating.

thoughts? anyone planning on going? wanna do lunch?

i loved ALT and wrote about my experiences here.


Melanie said...

This polka dot dress is the one thing I instantly tabbed when I was looking through the latest catalog. Maybe one of us can buy it and we send it back and forth to each other all winter long?

And YES! you must come to Alt. I mean, you live in Utah now. No excuses. It's going to be even more fun than last year.

Brittany said...

seriously. i sat down at the kitchen table and flagged nearly every page of that catalogue. maybe because it's british, but everything is so cute!

Jules said...

I did the same thing with my Boden catalog. I turned to my mom and said, "You might want to keep this handy for Christmas presents." Just a suggestion!

I have always wanted to go to ALT, but put it off thinking it wasn't relevant to me since I am not a design blogger. Do you disagree and feel it would be a fit for me? I am going to Camp Mighty in November and am super excited about that.

{ SHE } said...

I have been eyeballing ALT ever since last year...and here I am wondering if I should go for it and attend this year. And if I do, can I pretty please make a reservation to have lunch with you? That would be extra awesome and a highlight in my book for sure. :)

dreamday said...

i'm planning on attending after reading all the fabulous posts about it at the beginning of the year, including yours! funny, we just returned from the beach and i was browsing the boden catalog in our pile of mail(that and jcrew...forget the bills i'll get to them later). anyway, my eyes also lit up at the sight of this dress, ha, we may be twinsies. ;)

nikolina100 said...

that dress is adorbes! I've never even heard of this catalog...but I will be checking it out now!

Padgett Hoke said...

I will be there! excited to see you again! countdown is on!

meg duerksen said...

i got the boden catalog too and i told my husband "this catalog makes me feel like i am 15 and the new j.crew just came! i want something on every single page just like back then. i adore every single page of boden. and don't get me started on the kids stuff!!! i wish it was cheaper. but that is life right?!

Riley said...

I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now and I absolutely love it! When I finish college I plan on starting up my own blog and I hope its as lovely as yours.

Heres a link to one of my favorite clothing sites, shabbyapple.com, with another super cute polka-dot dress I thought you would like.


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