05 July 2011

recently. / camping edition.

+ my parents camp in style; a springbar tent, quilts and pillows.

+ my sister and i with her daughter preparing for the bubble blowing contest. french braids are a must in the wilderness.

+ campy craftivities. my mom always comes up with the best ideas.

+ pete shares a midnight s'more (available with nutella or dark chocolate pieces). the jury is out on the new stacker mallows. some loved them, some were not so impressed.

+ little cousins clap as the big cousins entertain with a clever skit.

+ singing campfire tunes. the kids love to belt it out as much as their mamas do. (you'll notice that curly hair runs in the family. ask me if i'm bitter about not getting in on the twisty fun.)

+ a little r&r atop my dad's hudson bay blanket. a little people magazine never hurt anyone.

+ a comfy chair for everyone. we play cat's cradle, psychiatrist, black magic, re-tell 'no arms and no legs' jokes and demystify riddles. six is three / three is five / nine is four / ten is three / four is four / zero is four / four is the magic number.

+ oma tells the grands spooky stories just before the sun goes down.

+ i toast my feet by the fire and get in on all the family chit chat. i wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

p.s. the tie-dye shirts for the cousins (and a few awesome adults) were a big hit. everyone loved them. i hope it becomes a tradition.


Gretchen said...

My question with the stackers mallows: how do you roast them? They seem like they would fall off of the stick while you're trying to roast them.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

What a perfectly perfect summer camp-out!

Where did your dad get the Hudson's Bay blanket? There must have been a trip to Canada at some point? (love me a Bay blanket, by the way...)

And you're right, a little People magazine never hurt anyone! Especially one with Princess Kate on the cover. One of my favourite things about the gym, besides the exercise of course, is the stack of Hollywood mags I get to read while I'm there!

Happy Summer, Marta. Looks marvellous so far!

Hannah said...

You confirmed your family's hard-coreness with the Springbar. Jason's dream tent.

Looks like a blast!

Melissa said...

That looks so fun! Those little tykes are going to have such great memories!

Travelin'Oma said...

The best part is that it was even MORE fun than it looks! Thanks for capturing it so perfectly, Min!

Moments and Impressions said...

Oh my, the pile of quilts makes my heart so happy.

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