20 July 2011

these days. / the update.

unknown image via pinterest.

these days i'm reading more and computing less.
these days i am excited to settle in and put nails into new walls.
these days i wonder when exactly that will come to pass.
these days i am looking forward to re-launching and designing again.
these days i'm trying to enjoy all this downtime and spontaneity.
these days have been full of blueroof.com and sarah 101.
these days i pull off benji's clothes before he slurps down a popsicle.
these days i'm missing my favorite whipped cream clouds in idaho.
these days i miss my friends up there too!
these days i'm completely horrible at responding to emails. (sorry!) 
these days skinny jeans, a headband, and a loose tee are my go-to.
these days my little boy is already planning his birthday party.
these days i can't quit scratching my mosquito bites.
these days i'm pretty sold on shellac manicures; still going strong.
these days i can't keep up with google reader but am still pin happy.
these days i am texting my realtor (almost) more than anyone else.
these days i am so thankful for an awesome, supportive family.
these days i am so happy for hot weather.
these days i'm stoked about a new library card.
these days benji is very into being a dinosaur. rawr...
these days i'm still napping with my babe and staying up too late.
these days my babe is turning into a full-fledged big kid.
these days i'm dreaming about shower curtains and rugs.
these days i am so in love with my two handsome boys.
these days i'm glad they are such fun to be around.
these days i'm loving playing tourist in my town.
these days i am feeding off of your nice feedback. (merci.)

p.s. happy birthday to my number one blog fan.


Wendy said...

This is sweet. A nice reminder of how special the simple things are.

Cat said...

can't wait to hear about the house search. are you like me and think that you will jinx it if you talk about it before it's all done?

Moments and Impressions said...

The idea of Benji playing dinosaur is the cutest thing. What a lovely list.

--r said...

i was just remarking to someone the other day that my little boy has clothes that are really big enough to FOLD. it's insane. he now refers to himself as "big sam". :)
and many kudos to you. i dare not even TRY ON a pair of skinny jeans, lest my self-esteem be permanently damaged.

Hil said...

We miss you too!!!

Hannah said...

Shellec is the best. Just removed mine with Acetone and am ready for another.

Janssen said...

What a great little post. . .thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

I love Sarah 101!

Gretchen said...

Love this post!

quilter5706 said...

Here in Idaho, we miss you too!

Victoria @ MY HAPPY HOME said...

Hi, I just found your wonderful blog! Love your writing and your pictures- I´ll be back!
/regards from Victoria, Sweden

summer said...

these posts are my fave, marta. thank you for catching me up and filling my head with lots of little things to try ( shellac manicure)!! also, i just read through the past month of your blog and it is like a scroll of perfect summertime. the backyard movie night ... i am completely jealous!

ps. have you seen hp yet?? i'm re-reading the book during the hours i spend in the blue recliner:)

Katie said...

love this :)

Tracy said...

hi marta...i love your honesty and simplicity. At the moment..in pink dressing gown with chocolate and cup of tea..wondering what to write..pause, think, do. :D
On the go with two books: Bridget Jones's Diary and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

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