28 July 2011

what could be cooler / dinosaur crayons

+ these dinosaur crayons made me smile.
find these friendly four on etsy by polkadotty.
such a selection: fire trucks, trains, lego men and more

+ my friend, kimberly's little boy gave benji a homemade heart-shaped crayon with his valentine last february. ever since i've been charmed by crayons as the perfect solution for a sugar-free favor.

+ we've been dino happy all season long.
here are a few of our favorite dinosaur books:
Dinosaur Roar / Henrietta Strickland
Ten Terrible Dinosaurs / Paul Strickland
How Do Dinosaurs Eat their Food? (more in the series) / Jane Yolen

+ ever since reading this post by joanna goddard, which i love and wholly agree with, (don't you love her motherhood mondays?!), i've been keeping my eye out for a dinosaur-shaped balloon.

p.s. lately i have a hankering to watch jurassic park for some odd reason (i'm not big on scary movies). i read the book six years ago (it was good!) and now wanna snuggle up on the couch for a serious scream-fest.


Katie said...

Too cool! I can't get over how many different shapes there are, I want them all!

Alex said...

My two boys (4.5y and 2y) LOVE this book: http://www.amazon.com/Dinosaurs-Love-Underpants-Claire-Freedman/dp/1416989382/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1311858847&sr=1-1

Victoria @ MY HAPPY HOME said...


Nicole Gurrisi said...

Thank you so much for showcasing our crayons.
I have so much fun making them.
They make me smile as well every time I unmold them.

CMN said...

Thanks for the crayon discovery, Marta! You totally had me when you mentioned "Lego men"... I know a group of nephews who simply NEED those - LOL! Already placed my order. Awesome find!

Amy - ArgyleStyle said...

Hi Marta, check out this all things dinosaur Tumblr!(I'm not affiliated--my dino loving friend just posted about it) http://dinodinodinosaurs.tumblr.com/

{amy k.} said...

okay, these might be the perfect birthday present for my nephew!! thanks for the link!

Meg said...

Our favorite dinosaur books are The Super Hungry Dinosaur and Dinotrux.

Having a little boy is so fun! Especially since I have a lot of sisters and I never got into dinosaurs before. But we now know most of their names and what they ate... etc. We got both those books at the library before we bought them. You should test them out!

Paul said...

Hello Marta,
Thanks so much for mentioning my dinosaur books, Dinosaur Roar and Ten Terrible Dinosaurs. More dinosaurs including free dinosaur coloring sheets at www.paulstickland.co.uk and my Dinosaur Store, www.zazzle.com/paulstickland* ROARR!!

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