06 September 2011

eva juliet / illustrated (gorgeous) art prints

when i landed in evajuliet, the etsy shop, i was all wrapped up in the simple charms of her beautiful prints, happy hues and effortless handwritten touches. eva mingles illustration, calligraphy and graphic design in what she has termed wall poetry (i love that!). her pieces make me want to stop, lean in, and look closer. this is the first post for home is where the ART is. eva has generously sent me her lovely fruit collection for my new kitchen (the prints are even prettier in person!). the work is hers, but these opinions are all mine. learn more about my handpicked sponsored series.

eva is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and her first language is french. she tells me she struggles with english, but so far i am thoroughly impressed! in my opinion, her artwork speaks for itself. her passion comes through loud and clear. she answered a couple questions for me...

tell me about something that inspires you:
There is plenty of things that inspire me, but I think my mother is my biggest inspiration. She is such a creative person. She is unique and she is willing to assume her uniqueness, which I think it’s not so easy. It’s easier to follow the trend, to decorate our home with the “colors of the year”, to wear the latest fashion clothes because it's trendy, etc. But my mother follows her own trends, her environment is the reflect of what her heart dictates. That is why she is so unique. And I try to achieve the same way of living.  

what’s your ideal working day:
I like to start the day early, when the morning light fill my little white studio. I listen the quiet daybreak or I put some smooth music, I make some tea or coffee, then I am like a kid in a big sand box. There is so many possibilities. I can do painting, photography or working on the computer. The ideal working day ends with a creative result that I am satisfied with which is not always the case but the journey is always fun. 

dig in: eva's fabulous blog / etsy shop / website / facebook 


Amanda Greer said...

I absolutely adore her "vintage" prints and the postcards!

{ SHE } said...

GORGEOUS would be an understatement for the lovely prints featured in her shop! Everything is simply sublime. Thank you for sharing such a talented artist's work with us.

Cat said...

Thank you Marta for introducing me to Eva... living in Montreal myself, I am a bit surprised that I haven't seen her work yet! I will be ordering some prints for the house we just moned in. Thanks!

Lady Day said...

Marta, you've tapped into a my heart strings here. I love to hear the "reasons why" behind art and living. This awesome series combines both! And thank you for sharing this wonderful artist, those prints are going to look fab in your kitchen!

Cassie said...

I think I have pinned the fruit series as I had seen them around so often and loved them. Simple yet so beautiful.

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