09 September 2011

no simple feat. / gearing up for the move.

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this weekend benj and i are the official support crew for dan's big bike ride. he has been riding 100 miles every saturday to gear up for LOTOJA again this year. major training going on despite our messy living out of suitcase lifestyle. we'll be cheering for you, babe. dan is the man when it comes to setting a goal and accomplishing it. the big thing for dan and co. is to eat small salted red potatoes, cooked of course, during the ride for refueling on carbs and sodium. we're also toting ham & cheese sammys and tiny jugs of chocolate milk too. wholesome and simple. what will they think up next?

next week (and the week after that) will be a little nuts. but thus is our life right now. i can already feel it, my shoulders are tensing up. it's exciting and exhausting, kind of like the summer we just had. and my logical mind knows that no matter how many lists i write, moving is moving is moving. it's chaotic and crazy. no matter how you crack it. there is no systematic way to move. and we're not even officially moving until the 24th. til then we're bombarding my sisters' homes with our wild ways and fickle schedules and diagonal cut sandwiches and stuffed suitcases; what good husbands they have. (sisters will do anything for each other, husbands have a bit more sense.) as we have house hopped from one to another, am feeling so grateful for family. they know us entirely and yet, still love us anyway.

now have a good weekend and ride strong and hold on.

p.s. am not sure when i'll get around to my big blog-a-versary post.. but i must put this in writing: martawrites is FIVE years old. shout hooray! more celebrating to come.


Michelle Stiles said...

I have always wanted to do this ride, it is a huge challenge, I wish him all the best this weekend. Just keep pedaling. We are in the process of moving as well, I always underestimate the amount of stress that is involved. Keep you head up!


Hil said...

Good luck to Dan and Co.! Can't wait to see you this weekend. And good luck to you with this big move. I so wish I were closer to help out. Thank goodness for family. "sisters will do anything for each other, husbands have a bit more sense." I love that. It's SO true. :)

See you soon!

Monica said...

Good luck to your husband in his race. I've always wanted to go & watch. My best friend and her husband do LOTOJA on a tandem racing bike and they love it.

I'm excited for you & your move to your new home. Have you had to paint or do any remodeling before you move? Looking forward to pics of your cute home. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

So well put, Marta, "exciting & exhausting." That sums up summer for me and, I get the impression, for so many others. You are so graceful and upbeat in dealing with this BIG transition in your family's life.

Cheers to Dan on his bike race! A good physical challenge is a great way to connect to something tangible amidst so many intangibles. Have fun cheering him on!

Lady Day said...

Is it normal to feel old in blog years?! Congrats on the five years Marta, it's been a pleasure following you along:)

Eileen said...

happy blogiversary!

I just completed a move 6 months ago so the memories of the chaos are still fresh. Still, it's exhilarating! And once you finally get settled, you gain a new appreciation for ordinary life :)

moxiemandie said...

happy bloggy anniversary lady! I'm so glad that marta writes *is* because it's a favorite of mine. :)

Michelle said...

HOORAY!! I've been a reader for almost two years now. Although I don't always comment, I always love your posts! Best of luck to your hubby with the ride and your entire sweet family with the move.

Victoria said...

Congrats on FIVE years! Woohoo! And, of course, good luck with the move. You'll be FINE. :) And just think how nice it's gonna feel to have your own home again. The nesting will be lovely.

Nicole said...

Happy Blogiversary Marta! Good luck to Dan too - chocolate milk is my fave biking refueler. :)

I'll be thinking of you with all the packing and unpacking. I loathe packing, even for vacations, but LOVE unpacking and organizing and setting up house. Can not wait to see your new abode!

Amanda Greer said...

Hooray for 5 years! And good luck to Dan! Happy weekend!

Padgett Hoke said...

Oh, too bad I am out of town this weekend - I would have had you all come by for a swim in the pool at the end of LOTOJA at our house! A number of my family members compete each year and they are super intense! Wish him luck, hope the weather is perfect and the ride is swift and smooth!

Beth said...

Happy anniversary! I am new from design mom and I am loving your corner of the blogworld. I especially loved your post on blogging and comparing oneself. I can identify with that pretty strongly! I like your advice to see the good- because their is so much. I am excited to read more. xo

brooke said...

Happy blogiversary...your blog is my favorite. And good luck to Dan and Co. I can't wait for pictures.

Eeny said...

Wow, five years. My blog just turns 2 today, it's a baby compared to yours =)

Can't wait to see pictures of your new home, I hope you will share some.

Good luck to Dan in the race. And enjoy your weekend.


Cassie said...

So much to say - firstly a huge congratulations on reaching five years blog-a-versary; what an amazing achievement!

Secondly good luck to Dan this weekend, hope everything goes fantastically.

Lastly, wishing you the very best with this last leg of your moving journey - it will all be worth it in the end but sure life feels rather unsettled right now.


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