13 September 2011

pillow talk / nena von designer pillows & drapes

i'm not sure exactly how, but one day i followed a few links and landed (softly) into nena von's pillow etsy shop. isn't it filled with such cheery pillows?! with so many options, there are countless ways to mix and match them. in fact it was hard to choose which to highlight in this post. i especially love the bold graphic patterns and most of them are tough enough for the outdoors too! hurrah for pillows that can be thrown just about anywhere.

in all of my house decorating homework, i've read about the power of the throw pillow. did you know they can drastically change your whole room?! switch them up to give your room a makeover.. and save on the headache of re-painting the walls. graphic prints are hot right now and go nicely with a color coordinating floral rug or fun drapery (she offers those too). i don't think i've ever said 'drapery' in my life. lookie, i'm becoming a grown-up.

this post is part of my home is where the ART is series. nena von has kindly sent us this one (i can't stop staring at it) to add some pow to our basement family room. it'll definitely pep up our hand-me-down leather loveseat. the artwork is hers, but these opinions are all mine. learn more about my handpicked sponsored series. she tells us a bit more about her work...

Any tips on mixing & matching graphic pillows?
I have an Interior Design Background and prior to launching my own business, I worked for a ID firm in Orange County, we specialized in Model Homes. There was a lot of "formality" in that industry and boundaries that you had to abide by. It was really all about being "safe" and staging homes for potential buyers.

It is so refreshing now to be able to have my own business and be playful with our fabric selection that we provide to customers. We are constantly on the "hunt" for fresh, fun, bold and affordable fabrics. I have never been much of a "matchy, match" gal. I really like "eclectic" spaces and unpredictable settings. You would be amazed at how much online consulting I do with customers on a day to day basis. I think what it comes down to with pillows and drapes, is that it simply transforms a room when you add big bold fabrics. Keep your furniture simple and the keys elements in your space simple (such as solid color fabric for accent chairs and sofas, even area rugs) This way you can mix and match really graphic pillows and change them seasonally. Drapes are more of an investment then pillows obviously so choose something that you will love for at least a few years and a pattern that works with everything. I always say it's okay to use several geometric prints together as long as it is not interfering with the key elements of the actual space.

What's the best thing about your workspace?
I would have to say the best part of our workspace is, well, many things, but for starters that it is an official space out of our home, finally. I ran this growing business out of our home for about three years. My Seamstress Susie made the drive everyday to come work in the home office, she traveled about 45 minutes each way everyday. 

In June we found the perfect spot for our small but growing business, located in the quaint district of Little Italy, San Diego. We are located in a historical building that is almost 100 years old. The building has so much character with beautiful original but restored hard wood floors and exposed brick walls. Its so inspiring to work in this building along with 50 other artists/designers. It's a really great community and we are so happy that we have a space for our business to really start growing. 

dig in: nena von's (stuffed) etsy shop. 


Hil said...

You are hilarious, i.e. landed "softly". These pillows are so beautiful! Thanks for the introduction and link. I will be drooling for the remainder of the morning.

p.s. congrats on becoming a grown-up. I can't wait for the day when I am able to use drapery in a sentence other than this one!

Aico Furniture said...

Even I love throw pillows. It can change the very look of the room. I came across the picture of a living room where the throw pillow and wall paper are almost of the same design and color. It looked fabulous.

Surya Rugs said...

One can even match the pillow and rugs. But need to shop around a bit for that

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