04 October 2011

anniversary postscript

dan and me / blue lily photography.

p.s. so as i was jotting that last post all about having picnics on the floor and sporting crazy hair, dan was scheming up a surprise date night celebration. moral of the story is, when your anniversary rolls around you should maybe shower and throw on some perfume for good measure. we had dinner at one of our favorite places; where you look at the menu and the words sound so good together. you trust it'll taste divine. (if you make a reservation with a special event, tell them and they will customize your menus. i never get over seeing our names in print.) thanks to dan for totally surprising me and pete for tending and showing us the super 8 film of our wedding video. best ten years ever. someone pinch me.

side note // lots of awesome etsy stuff has been rolling in for my new series. stay tuned.

our engagement.
when dan went to law school.
a cycling obsession.


Eeny said...

Happy 10th anniversary to you and Dan. May there be endless more years of happiness and love.

Hil said...

I'm swooning. The picnic sounded romantic, but props to Dan for surprising you... and even with a sitter! That is the absolute best. Yay for 10 years!

p.s. I love the picture!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Happy Anniversary!
Wanted to say that photo is wonderful. The joy is oozing off the screen :)

Hannah said...

Congrats on 10 years! And on the new home! I hope you show us some of your projects. You look stunning in that picture! Love the reddish hair color!!

Louisejoyb said...

You two are absolutely adorable (and so perfect together!) Happy anniversary to you both :) hopefully you'll have many more happy years to come!

Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

Abby said...

Love the pic of u and dan. Happy 10 years!!!!

holtkamp said...

happy ten years! although i don't 'know' you, i think you're wonderful. and all those dansies are pretty great too :)

Robyn said...

So after 2 (or is it 3?) yrs of "secretly" reading your blog (ie - not commenting)it is THAT SHIRT that compells me to comment. Shallow? Maybe. But could you please spill the shopping details?


marta said...

thank you!
@ robyn.. you're too sweet. i loved the shirt the minute i saw it too. it was the last one, on sale, at j crew outlet in park city. i found it this past august; i hope you can find one like it! good luck with your hunt!

Robyn said...

Thanks Marta for the prompt response. Now that I've introduced myself to you, maybe I'll comment more often :) It was so shallow of me to finally break out of the shadows over a shirt. Yikes. I'd best work on that :)

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