25 October 2011

monogram artwork (for kiddos!) / one little dicky bird

i think my mouth literally fell open when i bounced into paul atkins' etsy shop full of charming custom monogram prints. he designs items to sell in his shop, one little dicky bird, all the way over in manchester, england. (can't you just see the mossy ledges? the rows of bending daffodils?!) admittedly, when goods are shipped from another country–with awesome postage markings–i always deem them extra special. i've never seen any monograms quite like this; nor done this right. especially for children! i love how the prints are appealing to all ages; they are completely customizable (you choose the darling icons). the options available are colorful and classic. my little boy loves the big B (just for him!) and playing i-spy for those cheery tiny icons (also picked just for him!). the artist, paul, was more than willing to work with our color scheme of gray, red and blues for the transportation images we chose for benji (pictured above). paul also sent me a digital proof to ensure we loved it before going to print. (done and done.) hooray for thorough designers!

i can imagine two or three of these lovely monogram prints hung in a sibling-shared bedroom; customized to individual interests, yet all similarly framed to create a cohesive theme. they would also make a treasured baby gift, as every parent loves the name they give their brand new babe! we are delighted with our new artwork, all the way from england. this post is part of my home is where the ART is series. the artwork is theirs, but these opinions are all mine; learn more about my handpicked sponsored series here.

what is an essential must-have for your creative workspace?
Despite being up to date with technology I still feel like I always need a pot of pens and pencils, and some paper on my desk. No matter how efficient, streamlined and organised apple macs can make my life I still like to be able to scribble my ideas down.

paul's workspace. (love that desk and cushion and all those pens!)

what inspired you to do your custom monogram work? (the concept is so original!) The inspiration for the monograms actually comes from my niece. I originally created a monogram for her first christmas. In order to be sure there wouldn't be any duplicates on presents, I wanted to give her something completely custom made. I designed the icons based on her favourite toys and other likes (as you know babies start to show their personalities almost immediately). I then decided to create a catalogue of icons for people to choose from. That way everyone can design their own custom-made presents.

our framed print in benji's room. the icons suit his personality perfectly.

dig in: paul's etsy shop / facebook / twitter

p.s. if i knew someone pregnant across the pond, i would be giving her this one (that double decker bus is too cute!).


Krystle said...

Those are totally CUTE! I have 2 boys: a newborn & a 2 1/2 year old who just got a new big boy room...These might make it into their rooms =) Thanks for sharing! Love Benji's monogrammed art!

Tommy said...


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