20 October 2011


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friday is tomorrow. the laundry is folded. we are ready to party.

the other evening my boys brought me leaves. they were gorgeous and reminded me of my good fortune of living somewhere with seasons and living with two handsome fellas! okay onto the weekend plans. tomorrow night we have a date to get pumpkins, and equally exciting, acquiring a television. hooray. i've officially lived a month without the wonders of time-sucking tv (i wonder how tim gunn and andy cohen are coping). i must admit, it's been a good excuse for productivity and an inventive way to create toddler fun from scratch (like making pet hospitals out of unpacked boxes). still, i love cuddling up after a long day and unwinding in front of the tv. i was raised staying up late watching cheers and seinfeld and letterman (sometimes all three in one night!) with my parents, so i think it's something ingrained. like the tv version of comfort food. the best news for me is that we haven't any room in the budget for the enormous sectional (the one you feel like you need once you have a real basement), so we'll be unwinding on our leather love seat. which will make me feel like we're dating again. its leather is so old and cushy, like soaked french toast.

in other news, i painted my nails at the park the other day (love that it's warm enough for a park day. like we're stealing the sunshine this late in october!) and made sloppy joes for supper. the studio is slowly starting to look like a real office. despite the mounds of random papers / cds / wires / plastic bowls / windex spray / labels littering the top of my desk. but i must say the most exciting thing is my latest business expense: the belkin 7-port ultra-slim desktop hub. seriously. i am over the moon to have seven additional usb ports available to me. oh the possibilities! can you even imagine?! (there is no fun in unplugging mouse and / or keyboard everytime you want to charge ipod / plug in camera / get the scanner hooked up / print something / etc.) i can hardly wait. however, i am taking it slow with our relationship; it's still in its plastic encasing. i'm waiting for the studio to be ready and then i'll slip that bad boy out. (it will be like one of those un-caloric rewards those fitness magazines are always harping on. am sure i'll undo it by eating fistfuls of buttery popcorn / halloween candy with newfound tv habits.) anyway, it reminds me of my sister-in-law who just remodeled her basement. she bought a special pair of slippers and decided to save them for the first time she could enjoy her perfect, finished basement. it's just like that. but with usb ports.

now back to work; getting this place ship shape. tomorrow night i'm sure i'll be busy watching harry met sally and then dan in real life and then devil wears prada and then felicity reruns and then fall asleep to darcy saying, you have bewitched me, body and soul...

happy weekending. xo.

p.s. next week will feature my last posts for the Home is Where the Art Is series. i can't wait to unveil these beauties. also something unexpected (and delicious) arrived in the mail. a warm welcome home. and one more thing worth mentioning; kelly's calendar swap. hooray.


{natalie} said...

Dear Marta, I love your writing. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your life. Have a happy weekend, your plans sound right up my alley.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

If I can fall asleep to Mr Darcy saying that, it will be a very good weekend indeed!

Hope it's a wonderful one, Marta.

{amy k.} said...

can't wait to see the studio in all it's finished glory!

dan in real life is one of my favorites- love it! have a happy weekend!

Cecilia Madden said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend ahead. We are adoring the sunshine this season too. I can handle almost any temperature or precipitation as long as there's sunshine.

PS- I think my folks have that same usb port thing and I am always jealous of it when I visit. Hope it works out well for you!

Claire said...

I feel like my smile continually grew from a hint to a grin as I read this post. Love that you ended with Mr. Darcy's best line. Love that I relate to you in so many ways.

Happy weekend!

Amanda said...

Happy weekending, Marta!

I've had a craving to watch When Harry Met Sally for almost a year now. I'm thinking I should go ahead and watch it as soon as I can.

summer said...

"like soaked french toast" :) yes. it's too perfect. another reason i love the way you write.

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