25 November 2011

am a fan / pump up for the holidays edition

am a fan of getting a head start on christmas decorating before taking off for thanksgiving weekend. dan kindly relented and let me bust out all the christmas boxes early. yay. so worth it when you can come home to christmas.

am a fan of this pumped up kicks tune by foster the people. discovered it on the radio and now listening to it on repeat.

am a fan of skein red pom pom yarn (i found it at michael's). it's an easy instant pom pom garland. my happiest holiday find so far. it is currently swooping through my house. and i plan to drape it over our christmas tree branches. and tie it around gifts too.

am a fan of this wood-working etsy shop. the wooden map puzzle magnets are rather dreamy.

am a fan of glittery round labels for holiday packaging. yes sir. i needed more things to glitter in my life.

am a fan of these handmade plump cheerful stuffed owls. i know dozens of girls who would love one (myself included).

am a fan of pretty polka dots on everything; these straws are so festive for a party!

am a fan of this ira glass quote and the beautiful way it has been designed, poster style.

am a fan of liz's gold toe flats. talk about festive! i love me an excuse to break out the spray paint.

am a fan of this recipe card stamp. so clever, so charming.

am a fan of danni's collage book; notes for nicholas. she is the ever-thoughtful one. something akin to this would make the best kind of the-thought-that-counts gift.

am a fan of the knitted critter hats for kiddos at old navy!

am a fan of so many elements from this kitchen makeover. beautiful and family friendly.

am a fan of this tinseled-out advent calendar; i love the mishmash of it, the simple (random) packaging and the bright hues too. sometimes we i get obsessive over things like advent calendars. this one is fabulous and reminds me to make it light, make it fun. this is christmas.

// take a peek at my christmas collection category for a look into my holidayesque archives.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the Christmas inspiration! We are getting our Christmas lovelies out this weekend, and looking forward to the holidays. Blessings to you and yours.

Erin said...

I am a fan of your beautiful Christmas table! So fun. Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving Marta!

Karen L said...

Hi Marta. I love your blog and really look forward to your Christmas posts in particular. Just a side note, you may want to google the lyrics to 'pumped up kicks'. I too found it infectiously catchy. Even my boys would bop their heads to the song in the car. But after looking up the words, I am concerned about its message and have made sure not to play it around my sons. Just a kind fyi.

Tommy said...

Very nice picks! Now that song is stuck in my head, but that's alright!

Kelli said...

ditto on the song lyrics. I change it when it comes on the radio in the car.

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