10 November 2011

gallery wall layout ideas

i've always loved a jumble of images on my walls (see glorious pinspiration here). my mom will never let me forget the collection of abercrombie catalogues torn out and taped to my bedroom door as a teen. for the new house–left to my own devices–i would opt for every wall to be a gallery wall. but that is why i have a studio of my very own. (can't wait to show you what's become of those walls.) however for the living room, i hope to honor the husband's taste for clean lines and self-control while utilizing (and customizing!) the giant blank area above the couch. i've teamed up with easy canvas prints who specialize in photos on canvas to help create what we're seeking. to give you a good perception of scale, they have this neat graphic to check out what a certain sized canvas would look like hanging above a 7 ft. sofa. (genuis!)

i took it one step further, with all my nerdy gumption, and took their dimensions and graphic into photoshop to create a few gallery layout options with a variety of canvas sizes. with the company's permission, here are a few of my favorites for a neat and streamlined gallery wall. give the room a punch without too much pow. balanced and beautiful. am excited to see how it all comes together in real life.

dimensions by easy canvas prints / my own wall layout ideas.


cecilia said...

I have two blank walls and am looking to do something similar: one's above the couch and one's above the kitchen table. I like the mix and match layout. We have so many random pieces, it's hard to decide what to do with them and how to incorporate new photos and art to pull a good looking wall together.

Good luck pulling yours together!

LMT said...

Very cool. This way seems so simple. Thanks for sharing.

Fernanda said...

Very nice! I love the first one most of all. A large 24x36 with two smaller 11x14 images balancing things out.

I'm dreaming of a big remodel at my place... maybe reworking the artwork on the walls will serve as an inspiration to get everything else started (and finished!).

Thanks for sharing.

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